It was in the last 30 minutes of my shift too… man. I know what happened, though. I was trying to do too many things at once, and I got wrapped up in a phone cord and I just knocked something right off our work space. Luckily there were more to replace the thing I broke, but still… I hadn’t broken anything in the 7 or 8 months I’ve been there and today I broke my streak. Literally.

Oh well. I was dehydrated/dizzy *and* caught up in a phone cord. It was basically inevitable.

I worked all day, so really there is nothing to report.

EXCEPT, that I am going to see my sister next week! Someone took one of my work shifts, so I can drive down in time to see HP7 Part 1 at 9 pm, and then HP7 Part 2 at midnight with my sister and her boyfriend. YAY!!!!!!!!!! So, that makes me happy. I’m probably the only person who would drive hundreds of miles to see a Harry Potter movie with a sibling. But hey, I miss her. And it’ll be nice to get out of town for a few days. Plus, this gives me an excuse to make some more mix CDs. Woot woot.

Well, that’s really all… I’m gonna head to bed early b/c I have to be up super early to go back to work. Boo.

Have a good one

P.S. Here’s some Warblers performing “Raise Your Glass”… it’s the last song I heard before I turned in for the night. LOVE IT!!!!