Well, it’s the 4th of July (again πŸ™‚ )… I hope you and yours had a good one. (And for those who read this blog who are not Americans, well, I hope you had an awesome 4th day of July anyway!)

This holiday is actually a bit of a mind-f**k. We’re celebrating our independence as a nation. We’re celebrating what the founding fathers put for us in the Declaration of Independence. It’s the one day where Americans come together to really celebrate ourselves as a group of people… as citizens of this one nation. But even though we are “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”… we all know that still isn’t exactly the case for every American citizen. But I think in time these words will actually ring true. It may have been 235 years since our country started, but as far as “liberty and justice for all,” we still have some catching up to do. But, I won’t launch into my equal rights for all schpeal again… I did a decent job of that last night, I think πŸ™‚

This holiday is also an extra helping of mind-f**kery for me because it marks the anniversary of the passing of my grandmother. She died three years ago, today. I was living in Indiana with my sister at the time. We found out that morning and we cried for awhile. Then, we decided that we were going to drive up to Chicago to go see Jersey Boys that night. We just couldn’t handle being so far away from everyone (my grandmother lived in Philadelphia, and there was no way that we could make it there in time to be with our dad before he left back for here) and we had to get out of our apartment. So, we did what we do best as a pair of sisters – we road tripped.

It was really fitting, actually, that we saw Jersey Boys. My grandmother’s family grew up in Jersey… and we all grew up on that music anyway. So, it was the most proper goodbye/mode of grieving that we could come up with at the time. So, my sister and I drove up to Chicago that day, we saw the show that night, and then we drove back to our apartment the next day. It was a good trip, given the circumstances.

Today didn’t really feel like the 4th of July until this evening. I had to work from 8:45-2:15… I don’t think anyone knew our place of business was open at 9, because we didn’t see anyone until well after 10. So, for that dead hour, a colleague was quizzing me about some information I’m supposed to be quizzed on at work next week. It helped a lot, even though most of the stuff was common sense.

Work was super busy today after people started showing up. We didn’t have enough people working, which was no good (as per usual). It’s really hard to help people when you have other people shouting at you and asking you stuff when you’re in the middle of helping someone who was there before them. I did the best I could. But, once 2:15 rolled around, I got out of there and drove home to be with my family. I need to get gas in my car and go to Target for some odds and ends before my trip next week, but I’ll just go tomorrow.

This afternoon my dad and I watched another episode of Band of Brothers and then we had a cookout in the dining room (my dad grilled outside, but then we kinda had a picnic at the dining room table – very festive for the 3 of us). My mom and I played some ping pong (I won one game, but she won probably 8 or 9… of course). Then, we watched a few 4th of July specials on TV. We watched the PBS and NBC specials – Josh Groban and Steve Martin were awesome on the PBS one, and I always appreciate Beyonce (who sang on the NBC one). Then, there was a lot of fireworks on tv. As pretty as they were, it just doesn’t quite live up to seeing them in person. When we lived in Akron, there were awesome fireworks downtown. I miss living there around this time of year… we’d go see the symphony and see fireworks at a few different places. Good times

And now I’m gonna head to bed! I hear some fireworks around here, but I am bonkers tired from not sleeping last night/waking up early to go to work. So, I’ll read for a bit and then sleep, sleep, sleep!

Have a good one