I woke up early this morning so my mom and I would make it to the 9:40 screening of Horrible Bosses.

I have a cool mom. She’ll go and see crass movies like this with me and she’ll laugh at them. (Okay, sometimes she’s laughing at me laughing at the movie… but she actually chuckled quite a bit during this one.)

They showed a bajillion previews (which I normally enjoy, but today I really just wanted to get my chuckle on), and then when the movie finally started, there was no sound. For about 2 minutes. Bah.

So, we missed some Jason Bateman V/O, but other than that, the movie was really quite entertaining. I like the three leads a lot (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) and they were all really great. I really wasn’t predicting where the plot was going to do, which was rather nice for a change. There were some really funny parts of the film, and a lot of laughs were earned instead of cheap comedic tricks. *That* aspect of the film I really appreciated. I’m still not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, though. She didn’t do bad or anything, but I just have never really been excited to see her in anything. (Though, to be fair, she was solid in The Good Girl. That’s just a great movie…)

After the movie, we ended up getting free movie tickets on our way out because of the problem with the sound. AWESOME πŸ™‚

My mom and I ran a couple errands and then went home. We had lunch and then played some ping pong even though the garage was super hot. I won the 5th game of 5 games played.

Oh, I also chatted on the phone with my sister… I checked my work schedule and it turns out I can stay with her an extra day. So, I looked online to see if anything awesome was happening near her while I was there… and we now have tickets to see NKOTBSB – woot woot.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I was totally into New Kids on the Block when I was little and that I have a few of their albums, as well as 3 Backstreet Boys albums. “I Want It That Way” will ALWAYS be my jam. Hell, I heard it on the radio and I sang along really, really loudly. There may have been some dancing involved as well.

So, I’m super excited to go see this concert next weekend πŸ™‚ It’s going to be cheesetastically amazing!!

After dinner tonight, my parents and I watched The Tourist. It was okay. I really love Johnny Depp (but who doesn’t?). I was not expecting a couple of the plot twists, so props to them for that. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was entertaining and parts of it were kinda funny. But, I will watch anything that Johnny Depp is in… I’ve even watched Private Resort twice. And that’s a movie you really only need to see once. And once might be too many times, if ya catch my drift.

After some more ping pong (I won the first of five games this time around…), I grabbed a shower and then sat down at my computer to try and figure out an outfit for something I’m going to be a part of in August. We don’t have a dress code, but there are some guidelines we should be following… and I’m thinking I should probably order something online to wear. But, I’m having trouble narrowing down my options, because there are just so many!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my sister next week and then going to Chicago in August for the Darren Criss concert. I heard from the girl I’m going with tonight – we’re getting tickets for a play and our hotel room stuff figured out!! This is really happening!!! I’m super excited about it – I am very much looking forward to meeting a bunch of people and sharing this really great and fun weekend together πŸ™‚ I’m smiling as I type this – it’s just going to be so friggin’ epic!

Well, off to sleep…

Have a good one!