… it sucks being outside at night and not seeing any fireflies. Reason number bajillion and four that I am not meant to live in Minnesota for much longer. No fireflies.

I solemnly swear that I will spend several hours tomorrow job hunting.

I obviously didn’t get to that today… I am bad at being an adult.

Today I went with my parents on an errand to Fleet Farm. My mom got more plants and I got some snacks for my trip next week. (I only make one stop on my 7+ hour trip to see my sister, and that’s to fill up the gas tank about 5 1/2 hours into my trip. I don’t stop to pee. I don’t stop to eat. Those tasks are just time wasters.)

We got home and had lunch, then I played ping pong with my mom for an hour. It was really hot and muggy today, so we got a pretty extensive workout. After drinks on the deck, I then started putting together playlists for new mix CDs I need to make for my trip. During this time, my folks ran to Menards to pick up a plastic kiddie pool for the deck. My mom wanted something Moose could jump around in and play to cool off. I took a break from my music to check out the latest addition to the deck – Moose was soaking wet and was kicking around a tennis ball in the pool. Friggin’ adorable.

I helped my parents make dinner (grilled chicken and bruschetta sandwiches… mmm mmm mmm) then watched an episode of Band of Brothers with my dad. We only have two episodes left 😦 I will gladly rewatch this series every few years – it’s just so brilliantly put together. Great ensemble.

I worked on my CDs some more then went upstairs to see what my folks were up too… needless to say, more ping pong happened. I only won one game today, but I was close a bunch of others.

I really need to find a job. When I was telling my mom about the mix CDs I was putting together (songs are sorted chronologically and by genre… I have this down to a science), she was saying that I need to harness my crazy and focus it on something. If I could find a job where you needed to be ridiculously anal retentive about popular culture stuff, I would totally be the best person for that job. All my DVDs are arranged by year of release. Same with my CDs (which are sub-sorted by genre as well). My magazines used to be ordered by year of release as well, but they got jumbled during my many moves.

*sigh* Job hunting will resume tomorrow. For reals.

Right now I’m burning a few more mixes and then I’ll read and then sleep. Sleep is the best.

Have a good one