There is a huge storm rolling in (thunder and lightning are here… tornado sirens are going off in the next county… which starts at the backyard of the house behind ours), so I won’t be on my computer for much longer.

I did want to report that I did spend a few hours job hunting today. I sent in some resumes for a few jobs… all were in LA, though. Not quite sure if I’m ready for that, but we’ll see.

I also played a lot of ping pong with my mom (only won one game the whole day). I taught myself how to use GarageBand *and* successfully changed the pitch on a song to get it back to its original version, as well as created 3 custom mixes (one which was submitted for consideration for an event I will partaking in next month). So, we’ll see how that goes. I was just proud of myself for figuring out GarageBand so quickly and being able to get everything accomplished in about 2 hours. It was a lot like video editing, only just dealing with audio. And since I never had the chance to take any audio classes in college, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for what I got down. Especially because I haven’t edited anything in a few years… and yet somehow I was able to recall what I needed. Yay for not completely forgetting everything I learned sophomore year of college 🙂

My dad and I also finished watching Band of Brothers today. Yikes, that is powerful stuff. I was going to write an epic monologue of my love for Ron Livingston, but that will have to wait for another day. (Curse you, storm).

Well, I should try and sleep. I have to go to work for a few hours tomorrow. I’ve had 4 days off. That’s enough to make me want to not to go back to work ever again. But, I only have to work 2 days this week and then I will get to go see my sister!!!!!!!

Have a good one