… and some tears fell.

I am posting at 9something in the morning because everyone else in the apartment is still asleep. So, I am killing time before they awake and we can go get pizza and slushies and watch The Glee Project all day.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6 and was on the road by 6:40 to drive to Kansas to visit my sister and her boyfriend. During my journey, I was belting out a lot of Glee in between listening to some Darren Criss mix CDs I made from a few of the concerts he’s had in the last month or so. (God bless DC fans, because they record audio/video of all of his stuff, and then other DC fans turn it into pretty stellar audio files from which one can make some pretty stellar mix CDs. But, since there is so much screaming from all the fans on all the audio files, it sounds/feels like you are at the concert, except you can’t see anything. Apparently, he’s got a solo album in the works – as in working on it right now. I have his EP, but it’s only 5 songs. So, a studio album is going to be much appreciated by the fans… I’m hoping he’ll have “The Muse” and “Sophomore” on there, but it is going to be extra awesome if there is new music that we haven’t had a chance to hear yet. Or perhaps the complete version of the “New Song Interlude“… that’d be nice 🙂 )

Anyway… car ride to Kansas went well. Even though it rained a lot. And by rained, I mean poured. It was raining so hard at times that it was white out.

I got to my sister’s place a little after 2. She, her boyfriend and I went and got some burgers and then chilled for awhile before we went to the movie theater.

We had tickets for the 9 pm screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, as well as tickets for the 12:01 screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

We got to the theater at 7 and there were three ginromous lines. People had lawn chairs and umbrellas and picnics… crazy. Luckily, since we were seeing 2 movies, we were put in what ended up being the shortest line. (The really, really long lines were people who were just seeing Part 2 … crazy.)

We had to wait outside for about 20 minutes before the let us in. And, somehow, even though we got there a lot later than most everyone else, we had THE BEST SEATS. Back row, center seats… I don’t know how that worked out, but we had those seats for both movies. And they were phenomenal.

The theater we saw both movies in was one of the biggest theaters I’ve ever been in. The seats were comfy, plenty of leg room. Nice.

We had an hour and a half to kill before the first movie, and another 45 minutes to kill before the second one.

I was texting the girl I’m going to see Darren’s concert with when the guy next to me struck up a conversation about my phone. We’ll call him “Poor Man’s Dane Cook” (or PMDC for short). He was there by himself and hadn’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but had seen all the movies, but wasn’t a huge HP fan.

My sister and her boyfriend left me to go get snacks for the three of us. During this time PMDC kept talking, so we conversed about movies and whatnot. When my sister and her boyfriend got back with our food, I munch on my pretzel and PMDC played with his phone. I then tried to nap before the movie started, but that didn’t work because I was too excited for the movies to start.

Throughout HP7 Part 1, PMDC made some audible smart-ass remarks every now and again. It was one of those situations where I think he thought he was being funny/cute, but when I’m at a movie, I kinda don’t want anyone talking to me while the movie is up on the screen. Luckily, I’ve seen HP7 Part 1 4 or 5 times by now, so at least I wasn’t being distracted during something I wasn’t familiar with.

Between the movies, everyone in the theater stood up and stretched. Some people walked about, others got food, etc. My sister and her boyfriend left me again to get provisions for Round 2. PMDC also left for awhile, but soon came back and conversation resumed. There was more talk of movies and whatnot. I told him I hate it when people clap during a movie because it’s not like the people on the screen can hear your appreciation. (That, and then you usually miss subsequent dialogue.)

A half hour later, trailers started. I was pumped to see the teaser for the new Batman movie. I was also wigging out in my seat when they showed the 3D trailer for the 3D Glee Concert movie. (I am totally going to go see this, even though I hate 3D movies…) I could tell PMDC was judging me as I spazzed out in my chair, so I told him I saw the concert.

When HP7 Part 2 started, I went into movie-mode. I was in my zone. My eyes were glued on that screen like my life depended on it. However, PMDC kept making comments/asking questions throughout the movie. He would lean in and ask about stuff that if you read the books, you’d know what the answers were. Every time people burst out into applause, he’d look over at me and I would just shake my head.

I won’t spoil the movie for you… but I will say that I loved it. I got teary-eyed twice and tears actually fell a third time. I will have a full-out review of this plus my comments on the film and key scenes in a different post (right now, my sister’s boyfriend is making breakfast, so I’m going to try and wrap this up before he finishes).

When the movie ended, I said goodbye to PMDC and told him to have fun at work. (Apparently, he had to be at work for 6 am or something like that.) He told me to have fun sleeping in. I gave him the thumbs up and that was the last I saw of PMDC.

On the drive home, my sister, her boyfriend and I dissected the film and went over some plot points. By time I got to bed, it was nearing 4 am. And I woke up less than 4 hours later… I am bonkers tired.

This afternoon, when my sister finally wakes up, we’re going to chillax on her bed for the rest of the day and watch taped television. It’s going to be the best afternoon ever.

Well, breakfast is ready… have a good one!