Today the sky turned real ugly…

I was in my room, which is pretty dark anyway, and Yukon came downstairs to visit me. I could tell something was wrong (i.e. a storm was coming) because she had this really weird look in her eyes. She kept eyeballing my bed, but she’s too old to jump up onto it, so I petted her on her head and told her it was going to be all right.

I shut down my computer, put on some sandals and ran upstairs to the deck to put down the umbrella. It’s insanely hot and muggy here, and there was no wind (yet). I hate that still before a storm. It’s eerie and it gives me the willies.

Right after I got the umbrella down and bolted back inside, the thunder, lightning and rain came in a hurry. Yukon was following me around like a lost puppy and Moose was barking at the thunder. I turned on the television to see what was up – a storm was coming, but it looked not near here. I put in my DVD of The King’s Speech and started watching it with commentary. A couple minutes in, the thunder and lightning increased and I hunkered down into my chair.

My mom came home about 15 minutes later from running errands. She was soaked to the skin and we laughed as we brought in the wet bags of groceries. We turned on the weather once more and the heart of the storm was over our city – that explained a lot.

It didn’t last for too much longer, but it still disrupted the day in that the dog was panicky for a while. How her heart hasn’t exploded by now is still a mystery to us – it just beats so fast when it storms. Poor girl 😦

During lunch I continued watching The King’s Speech with commentary. I’m about 1/2 way through. It’s a great film, and the commentary is really informative. I’m looking forward to watching/listening to the rest of it sometime this week.

After lunch, I went back down to my room to continue my job hunt. I submitted several more applications to various places. I still have a list of places I intend to apply to, but then I always find a bunch more off of this entertainment jobs website that I found. I really, really, really want to work in this business we call show. Someone please hire me. Thanks!

I helped my parents make dinner and then they went to run an errand. So, I did what any normal person would do with the house to themselves… I played High School Musical Sing It on our Wii.

Yeah, you read that right. High School Musical Sing It.

It’s basically a karaoke game, much like the American Idol and Glee Wii games I already have… except that almost all the songs are from HSM 1 & 2.

I definitely was kicking some major ass. I was unlocking stuff left and right, but I don’t think my game saved by time my parents got home and I turned it off. Alas. I’ll just have to start all over again.

Why was I playing this game? Because I like singing. A lot. (And the HSM movies and soundtracks are uber guilty pleasures of mine… like whoa) I like games that judge you on your singing “skills”. Granted, these games are not experts in judging one’s singing/pitch accuracy, but on some level I do get a kick out of a game telling me that I’m not a horrible singer. (I mean, I know I’m not a bad singer, but I’m not the world’s greatest singer either. I can hold my own, though. I sing all the time. Mostly when I’m by myself or around my sister. But I am always singing. Always. It’s relaxing.)

So, I sang my little heart out for an hour and a half. My throat is still monstrously scratchy from Saturday night’s NKOTBSB concert/my drive home on Sunday (7 1/2 straight hours of singing in the car… woot woot), but that didn’t stop me. I just sound horrible when I talk. A bit like Kathleen Turner, if you will.

Tonight my dad and I started watching our very last Netflix movie of all time, Funny People (we totally cancelled our subscription b/c their price hike was ridonkulous). I saw this movie in theaters w/my sister, but he hadn’t seen it yet. I don’t like Adam Sandler movies on a whole, but I do enjoy his more serious stuff (see also Punch-Drunk Love). Plus, j’adore Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman. We only made it 1/2 way through, but we’ll finish it tomorrow.

Today was very much full of music and movies (in addition to my HSM singing, I listened to my iPod for several hours today), and that was a very comforting thing. (btw – I’m not going to post about Harry Potter 7 Part 2 until I see it again… so, that’ll be within the next week or so, I’m sure)

I have to go to work tomorrow. It’s supposed to be really hot and gross outside, but hopefully work will be nice and cool. And hopefully it’ll go by real fast. At least I know I’ll be working with at least one person tomorrow… I like when I don’t have to be by myself.

Well, I’m off to read and then sleep. I’m still a tad off from this weekend, but I’m getting there 🙂

Have a good one