I am telling you, people are super bitchy and rude when the weather is gross.

Which is why I’m super thankful to be working with the ladies that I work with. I know we all have moments during the day when we want to punch someone, but somehow everyone seems to hold it together. I applaud all my colleagues who keep smiles on their faces when people are being downright rude to us, or bossing us around like they are entitled to treat us like servants.

Don’t get me wrong – usually the people I deal with at work are very kind and gracious. But, every few people there comes a real stick in the mud who barks orders at us or complains about something we have absolutely no control over.

I do my best to keep smiling or at least nod my head in understanding… but I know once I’m out of sight from everyone, I give myself a quick pep talk about how this isn’t my career and how most people are good people. That usually works for a little bit.

I was just a bit frustrated in general today – it was super hot and gross out and I was looking forward to getting off of work and going home to sit in front of a fan. However, I ended up having to stay an hour later than I should have because we were epically short shifted. No one asked me if I could stay – I just was completely unable to get away. Every time I went to clock out, there appeared a line of people who needed help. So, I did my best. I answered what questions I could. I tracked down what I could. I kept my smile on my face the best I could. But, I didn’t get my break (again), and I was dehydrated and getting dizzy… my patience was wearing thin. And as soon as I had a window to clock out, I did.

I downed an entire bottle of water on the drive home – I thought I was going to puke. (Me and this weather are not in agreement… just another epic sign that I need to not live in this state anymore.)

Once I got home, I was okay. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, slowly drank some more cold liquids and had an orange. (Okay, a cookie and an orange, geez.)

My mom was also glad when I made it home – there was no way for me to tell her I was going to be an hour late, so she was starting to get concerned when I didn’t show up when I said I would. I don’t blame her – I’d worry about me too 🙂

While I ate my orange, I was trying to watch more of The King’s Speech, but I ended up falling asleep because I was just really wiped out from the day. I skipped going out to dinner with my parents and opted to eat cold chicken from the comfort of the couch while watching an episode of Glee (“Special Education” – I love me some Warblers.).

I have to work again tomorrow. I honestly don’t mind being busy and helping people. I just wish that the higher ups were more cognizant of how many people they need to schedule for busy days like we had today. It’s hard to keep up with customer service if there aren’t enough people to provide said service. Common sense, right?

Well – I am knackered like whoa. Off to read and then to sleep. Since I have to work in the middle of the day tomorrow (bah), job hunting will resume Friday morning. Then some more this weekend. I also have to start rehearsals for a little project I’m a part of in August. Good thing I pick up choreography super quickly…

Have a good one