My dad got a call this afternoon from a work colleague to see if I was free to babysit two kids while their parents attended tonight’s U2 concert. I haven’t babysat since I was in middle school/early high school, so it’s been well over a decade. However, I had met the kids on a few occasions and the parents are super nice people, so I said sure.

What else was I going to do on a Saturday night?

(Yes, I have no social life. This is not a new occurrence. Though, for the record, right before/during grad school I was a social person. For reals. I will be again… once I find a place to live and whatnot.)

So, anyway, I just tucked the kids in a bit ago and am now sitting in the living room of the house I’m babysitting at and I’m typing this out. Their dog is asleep at my feet, the fan is blowing in my face. All is well.

I didn’t sleep in again (come on, body, sleep in when you can!), so I got up and finished watching The King’s Speech with commentary. I grabbed a shower and then went to my room to start job hunting and dance practice, but my mom burst into the room and told me we had to play ping pong. (See, even though it’s a bajillion degrees out, the garage was actually pretty cold. Nice.) So, we ping ponged for an hour… I won the last of four games (though I was damn close to winning all the other ones).

During lunch, my dad and I started watching The Proposition, but then the DVD player got all screwy. So, we turned that off and I went to my room and for 2 hours, looked like a freakin’ idiot while I was trying to memorize some choreography. I got most of it right away, but I know I will need to keep rehearsing.

I gave up on that and then it was almost time to get ready to head to where I was needed to babysit.

People who know me best know that I am not a fan of children on a whole. However, I friggin’ ADORE well behaved kids. And luckily, the two that I’m babysitting tonight are great kids. We ran around outside. We ate popsicles. We pretended we were Jedi and ninjas. We watched an episode of Clone Wars. We read stories.

I could tell they were milking the “new babysitter” for all she was worth, because they definitely didn’t get tucked in on time. However, they were very well behaved and they listened when they needed to. Everyone got their jammies on and teeth brushed. We read a Star Wars book and a book about rivers. When we turned out the light and I went to go downstairs, the kids invited me back to babysit and for a sleepover, so long as I bring my Yoda stuffed animal with me. (I love Star Wars, as do the kids I am babysitting… so this shared interest was very important throughout the evening. They thought it was cool I had a Star Wars decal on my car… which I have had on there for years. Yes, I am that much of a dork.)

So, they are sleeping now and I still have a few hours to kill before their parents get back. I will be reading a bit, and since I brought my laptop with me, I might try to type up some short stories.

Anyway, it’s been a good day. Babysitting was fun 🙂

Have a good one