So, I watched President Obama and John Boehner speak tonight and all I can do is shake my head at this whole Debt Crisis fiasco.

President Obama is a much better speaker than Boehner. And I’m not just saying (well, writing) that because I’m a Democrat. This is just my honest opinion… the president is a better public speaker than Boehner.

I also agreed with a lot of what President Obama was talking about tonight. And again, I’m not just writing that because I’m a Democrat.

I’m agreeing with the President because I think it is a very, very reasonable thing to ask the wealthiest 2% in this country to give up their tax breaks to help make sure this whole country doesn’t completely crumble next week when the debt deadline hits on August 2nd.

Doesn’t it just make sense for that to happen?

I mean, of course cuts have to be made here and there, but I think that super rich people having to give up a small fraction of their super richness in order to help the entire country would just be a patriotic thing to do. I mean, if I had a bajillion dollars and I knew that paying taxes on that bajillion dollars would help this whole country and prevent an economic collapse, I would do it.

But guess what? I’m not in the wealthiest 2%. Not even close. In fact, I am well below the poverty line. I barely make minimum wage. I don’t have a full time job (yet). And I’m living in my parents basement still even though I have 2 college degrees because our economy is horrible and it’s super hard to find jobs that I’m qualified for, even with the amount of higher education I have, let alone be able to afford to move somewhere to completely start my adult life from scratch.

So, yeah. I wish our economy was on the rise instead of constantly hovering near a state of collapse.

And it is entirely frustrating when rich politicians are dicking around, unwilling to compromise on things that will affect the entire country just because they want what they want and won’t hear out anyone else’s ideas.

(It’s not a surprise that I don’t sleep well at night and that I am constantly in a state of stress. I’m so proud to be an American, but it really gets to me that my future is so uncertain because of the epic stress of being able to find a good job and support myself. This debt crisis and our nation’s economic issues are not helping the cause.)


I did go to work today. And I helped out a bunch of people and I made sure I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. And I’ll go to work tomorrow and do more of the same. I can’t wait to not do this anymore. I really, really, really need to find a job where I am making a difference in my lives and others, instead of feeling like my soul is continually being sucked out.

I’m just bitchy right now because I’m tired. Today didn’t suck. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t horrible. I’m just really tired.

So, on that note, I’m gonna go read for a bit. And then sleep. Glorious sleep.

Have a good one