A few paragraphs down will begin the “Guy Pearce appreciation” part of this post.

I had a fairly productive day. I applied for 6 or 7 jobs. I did some laundry. I cleaned a bit. I played with my dogs. I practiced what I needed to practice. All in all, pretty damn productive.

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing Cowboys & Aliens with my parents and then we’re going out for Chinese food. What we call “the perfect day” in this house… 🙂 I haven’t been to a movie since HP7 Part II a few weeks ago, so it’ll be nice to be in a movie theater. I might try and go see Captain America sometime this coming week… we’ll see. I’m definitely going to be seeing the Glee 3D Concert movie when that comes out in a couple weeks. I don’t know if I’ll be seeing it in Chicago with the people I’m going with, or if I’ll wait until I get back here. We shall see.

So, I’m making this a “Guy Pearce appreciation” post because I rewatched Memento today after not seeing it in a few years. What a friggin’ amazing movie. (I watched it because A. Today is Christopher Nolan’s birthday B. I hadn’t watched it in awhile and C. I just love Guy Pearce. Plain and simple.)

Though Memento was released a little over a decade ago, it’s still really fresh and totally holds up by today’s “standards” of filmmaking (that is, if we have standards these days… face it, a lot of crap gets released). The script is really smart (backwards *and* forwards stories – what?!), the ensemble is great, and the film is really well paced. I didn’t get a chance to see this in theaters when it came out, but I saw it on DVD right away… Is it snobby of me to say that I actually understood/got the movie upon my first viewing? I caught on to (Spoiler link ahead) this part right away and it didn’t take me until the end of the movie (well, really the beginning… but at the end) to figure out what really happened and who Leonard Shelby was/is.

Besides just being an awesome movie, Guy Pearce is especially awesome in it. There are so many sides to that character and he just owns every single one of them.

When I was taking the DVD out of the DVD player, I realized that of the four DVD cases that were lying on top of my TV, 3 of them were for Guy Pearce movies (and the 4th one was Glee Season 2 Volume 1… of course).

That’s when it dawned on me – I should write about Guy Pearce tonight because his film work has made a noticeable dent in my DVD collection.

Here are my favorite Guy Pearce movies that I own:

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

I love this movie. I love everything about this movie. The costumes. The music. The drag queens lip synching to ABBA music. What is not to love? Sure, the dialogue and some visuals get a bit crass at times (i.e. ping pong balls), but on a whole, this movie is delightful. And Guy Pearce (along with Hugo Weaving and Terrence Stamp) completely makes this movie amazing. Here’s just one of my favorite scenes.

L.A. Confidential (1997)

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time and the BEST film of 1997 (sorry, Titanic, but this *should* have won Best Picture that year…). I love this noir like whoa. Talk about an amazing ensemble… Pearce, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito, Kim Basinger, James Cromwell, David Strathairn, Simon Baker. One of my favorite Curtis Hanson films, by far. I could watch this a million times over and still love it. The dialogue is great. The music is great. I just totally dig the time period and its Hollywood underbelly of a story. Pearce’s Edmund Exley has a brilliant, brilliant character arc. I love his character’s working relationship (or lack thereof) with Crowe’s Bud White. This is my favorite scene, for sure. (Stars at 1:25… though, this clip leaves out my favorite dialogue exchange in the whole film. You’ll just have to rent the movie to find out what it is 🙂 )

Memento (2000)

I talked about it a bit above, so I won’t repeat myself. But Guy Pearce is just completely mesmerizing in this film. I always write how I love to watch an actors eyes during a performance to see just how committed they are to their character and their character’s thought process. Seriously… watch his eyes. His beautiful, beautiful eyes. Pearce *is* Leonard Shelby. One of my favorite scenes.

The King’s Speech (2010)

Pearce may only have a supporting role as David, King George VI’s brother, but it’s a memorable performance. His accent is spot on. His acting is spot on. Flawless. The man is flawless. (As he pretty much is in everything.)

And while I may only have 4 Guy Pearce DVDs in my collection, I have seen a bunch of his other films. I remember seeing The Count of Monte Cristo in theaters and being so in love with his character, even though he was the bad guy. I watched The Time Machine, even though that film was crap. His super bit part in The Hurt Locker was memorable. And I started watching The Proposition (before my DVD player decided to skip a bunch of its scenes), and he’s amazing in that. The man can do no wrong.

If you haven’t seen a Guy Pearce movie, do yourself a favor and watch one. Watch more than one. Watch them all. He’s incapable of giving a bad performance. (Even in crap like Bedtime Stories…)

True story: During Easter time the year after Memento came out, I dyed two of my Easter eggs to look like Guy Pearce characters… suits and all. I had a Lt. Edmund Eggsley (he had a badge and glasses and everything) and a Leonard Shellby (complete with bleached blonde hair). Yep, I’m a dork. But they looked amazing.

Well, I’m off to sleep. (Well, read, then sleep…)

Have a good one