I am currently sitting on the couch next to Moose watching my third action movie of the day.

My name is Katie and I love watching action movies.

I won’t say I’m addicted. I mean, I could stop watching action movies if I wanted to. I could. But I like watching them. I like ridiculous gun battles and fist fights and stuff exploding. It’s just so over-the-top and (unless it’s a war movie), it’s not even remotely realistic.

This morning, my parents and I went to an early screening of Cowboys & Aliens. The movie didn’t make you think at all, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t entertaining. Because it was. Entertaining, that is. There were fist fights, gun fights, fights with aliens. It was very enjoyable.

What made it super enjoyable was Daniel Craig and the locations/sets/costumes.

In my post yesterday, I wrote about Guy Pearce and how if you watch his eyes you can tell he’s very in the moment. Same goes for Daniel Craig… maybe even more so. In this film, Craig’s character doesn’t speak much, but he doesn’t need dialogue to get his point across. Craig’s got these blue eyes that would likely cut right through you if they could. He’s intense. And his stares and glares are intense. This only aids his performance and makes you really question who this character is… and why you care so much about him even though you don’t know much about him (nor does he seem to know much about himself).

Besides an intense performance from Craig, the rest of the ensemble turned in decent performances as well. Harrison Ford has the grumpy older guy role down pat. Paul Dano plays a good jerky, entitled young guy. Sam Rockwell provided several memorable moments of comedy relief as Doc. And Olivia Wilde is pretty. (Her character had the biggest WTF? quality about her, but basically it seemed that her character got away with stuff because of her looks. Sorry, I had to say it.)

The locations were gorgeous. Wide plains. Arid desert. Beautiful, beautiful rock formations. Blue skies. Gloomy rains. It just looked like how a Western should.

The costumes were also really great. Dingy clothes in a Western are a necessity. And Daniel Craig’s vest/white shirt/chaps ensemble… day-yum.


After the movie, we got some Chinese food and went back home where my dad and I proceeded to watch Die Hard With a Vengeance. This is still my favorite of all the Die Hard movies for some reason. I think because I like the buddy-aspect of it with John McClane (Bruce Willis) and Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson). And Jeremy Irons is a great bad guy (Simon). And I like all the riddles and tasks that Simon bestows upon McClane and Zeus.

On a whole, the Die Hard franchise is solid. The second one is my least favorite, but it’s still very watchable. Bruce Willis as John McClane is just so money. John McClane is one of my favorite action movie protagonists of all time because he’s not the best person ever, but ultimately he means well. And he’s super sarcastic. And I just love Bruce Willis. (I’ve seen 37 of his films.)

When that was over, I checked some emails and found that my thesis has been added to an online database. This is yet another step in the whole graduate school process which leads me to believe that this whole experience is almost over. I still won’t believe it until I have my diploma in my hands.

While online, I saw this article on EOnline… We’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow if there is an official announcement about Darren Criss taking over for Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in January. I hope it is true. I think it would be really cool if he was on Broadway in one of my favorite musicals of all time. It would be extra cool if I got a chance to see him in the show. We’ll just have to see… The article says the announcement is imminent. I’ll 100% believe it when his representation makes it official. For right now, I’m just super hopeful. (So hopeful that I *may* already be trying to make plans to see the show…)

After some rehearsal and a shower, I came back upstairs and read for a bit before I turned on Point Break. Which brings me to the present time…

Watching Point Break. Just finished the scene where Johnny Utah misses his shot on purpose. You know the one… (AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot)

(btw – If you’ve seen Point Break, you need to watch Hot Fuzz. If you’ve seen Hot Fuzz, but not Point Break, then you need to watch Point Break.)

Point Break is not a great movie, but I still like it because A. I like the director (Kathryn Bigelow) and B. I like Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. I like the dynamic between Bohdi and Johnny Utah… friends and then enemies. What do you do?!?!?!

Plus, then there is a gratuitous skydiving scene… what’s not to love?

Well… I’m gonna finish watching the movie and then likely read for a bit before I turn in. I have work tomorrow and Tuesday, then a couple days off, then work Friday-Sunday. On my days off, there will be more job applications and attempts to figure out my future. So, I probably won’t be sleeping much, since I have all that to still worry about.

Have a good one