Go-to shower songs for the past few weeks have been strictly from Glee, Starship, The Book of Mormon, Spring Awakening and Lady Gaga. Were singing well/loud in the shower and/or car selling points on resumes, I would have a totally awesome job by now.


Man, I am tired. I even went to bed early last night, but I tossed and turned until past 4 am. Buh-what?! When my alarm went off at 7:30, I was not pleased. I crawled out of bed and went upstairs to eat my cereal and watch the news.

Today was the debt budget deadline… and by time I got home from work it was passed in both the Senate and the House *and* the President signed it. This isn’t over, by any means… but at least we didn’t default.

(btw – as I’m typing this, I’m watching It’s Worth WHAT?… I hate how “I’m sure sure” is the “That’s my final answer” of this show. How stupid. …. Buh-what, it only costs $2,500 to stay in the Jersey Shore house? I’m a bit surprised by that. Even though “I’m sure sure” is dumb, I kinda like this show. I like guessing the prices of things. It’s the same with The Price is Right. I just like shouting prices at the television.)

Work was busy today. Really busy. Almost everyone I helped today was fairly nice. But there were a couple people who really were not patient. It’s hard to help a bajillion people at the same time. So, I apologize to the people who I cannot help right that second and tell them I’ll be with them as soon as I can. Most people are really understanding about that. However, some people get really pissy. *shrug* I hope they had a better day once they left in a huff.

I got out of work late again because I was so busy. I was thankful to get home and changed into shorts (it was hot and muggy and my work ensemble is not conducive to hot weather). After a snack and some email-checking, I saw a response from that job that told me I didn’t meet the minimum age requirement. The minimum age requirement is 18. I am 27… so, I double checked my application to see if I put the wrong age on there. I hadn’t. It said I was over 18. So, I resubmitted my application in hopes it was just some sort of bug in their system. We’ll see if I get another email saying I’m not old enough…

After dinner, I played some ping pong with my mom. I won the last game – woot. Now my parents are next door at some neighborhood function. I opted out of it and instead am going to catch up on some reading. (I have been reading the same library book for over a month now and am still not finished.)

I have the next two days off, so they will be spent job hunting and rehearsing for the function I am attending next weekend.

(btw – commercial for Spy Kids 4… why is Joel McHale in this?! He can do so much better than this. He was in The Informant! for goodness sakes.)

Well… off to read!

Have a good one