So, I just got done watching Music Within (2007). I bought the DVD last year without having seen it first, but I had a hunch I was going to like it because I think Ron Livingston and Michael Sheen are great actors. Plus, it’s based on the true story of Richard Pimentel, the public speaker/advocate of the Americans with Disabilities Act that passed in 1990. (I love movies based on true stories!)

What a great movie! Well paced, great ensemble, awesome soundtrack, and a really, really important message about equality for all regardless of (dis)ability.

I have been on a mini-Ron Livingston kick as of late after rewatching Band of Brothers the other week. He’s a really good actor, though I think sometimes he’s probably overlooked/under appreciated for his talents.

In Band of Brothers, he played Lt. Lewis Nixon. Great, great performance. His Nixon was snarky, sarcastic, and often downing whiskey, but there were also deep moments of pain and hope. (He’s got really expressive eyes. I also think he should get cast as Blaine’s dad on Glee… but that’s just my opinion.)

Most people probably know Livingston from Office Space, the 1999 cult classic about a group of guys who hated their job and boss so much that they beat the system and stole a bunch of money.

Since I didn’t see Office Space until well after the fact (I didn’t see it until my junior year of college… so, fall of 2004), my first Ron Livingston experience was Swingers (1996), which I saw right after it came out on video. I wasn’t really in the right demographic for that film at the time that I saw it, but I remember thinking it was really funny and liking the core group of guys in that film (Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and Livingston).

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of his films including Adaptation. (2002), Pretty Persuasion (2005), Dinner for Schmucks (2010) and Going the Distance (2010).

However, one of my favorite Ron Livingston roles has been Jack Berger on Sex and the City (he was on 8 episodes during Season 5).

Jack Berger was my ultimate favorite of all of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriends. (Yeah, that’s right… I liked him waaaaaaay better than Big and Aidan.)

I fell in love with Jack Berger right along with Carrie. He was handsome. He was funny. He was a bit socially awkward. He was a writer. He collected found playing cards. He was flawed. He was awesome. I loved how they met. I loved their awkward moments together. But since they weren’t endgame, their relationship went sour and bad things happened… like the fight right before Smith’s play. And then there was the Post-It. Dear Lord, that Post-It 😦

If we can overlook the awful, abrupt end to Carrie and Berger’s relationship, we will see that they had it pretty good for awhile. I thought Berger was good for Carrie because he challenged her. Plus, I thought they had great chemistry (even though there was that half an episode where they totally didn’t… to the point where it was extra awkward for the couple and the home audience). But they fought a lot. And even though sometimes their fights ended okay, their relationship ended badly.

Because of my epic love of Jack Berger, my two favorite episode of SATC will always be “Plus One is the Loneliest Number” and “To Market, To Market”. 🙂

(Berger was also the SATC character to first utter the phrase “He’s just not that into you” in the episode “Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little,” which spawned that horrible book and equally horrible movie. I mean, I like the honesty of it all, but that book and movie just made me feel horrible. I think it’s safe to write that women do tend to read into things sometimes or experience mixed messages… at least I know I do… so to read about it and then have to watch this horrible pattern unfold before your eyes is a bit humiliating and depressing. If the beautiful people can’t be in functional relationships on the big screen, then how is there hope for us ordinary folk? I know that’s a crock of crap, but it’s so unbelievable when you watch characters played by super pretty actors and actresses getting turned down. Sorry, but it is.)

Well… I think I’m gonna get to some reading now. (Okay, I’ll read in a bit… I’m watching reruns of Modern Family and Happy Endings. Can’t help it, I love these shows.)

Have a good one!