I used my day off to be not productive. That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but for some reason I just couldn’t wrap my head around what needed to get done.

I did laundry. I played ping pong. I played with my dogs. I rehearsed what I needed to rehearse.

I did not apply to any jobs today. (I think I have somewhere between 25-35 applications out right now…) I will be doing more of that, though, in the coming days/weeks/etc until I earn myself a job. I need to figure out how to write a kick ass cover letter. You’d think in all of my higher education this would have played a bigger part. But, alas. I think maybe one of my journalism classes covered this, and that might have been for just part of one lesson. So, google will be my friend this weekend while I figure that out and then figure out how to scan some of my published articles into PDFs so I can submit them for this seriously awesome job I found yesterday. (Yes, I am published. So, someone needs to hire me please and thank you.)

Other than that, I was pretty much a waste of space today. I got some reading done. I watched a couple episodes of Glee. And I realized that this time next week, I will be en route to a grand, grand adventure. Let’s just say that “My mind is racing but my heart, it beats faster.” (btw – that song starts at 4:54, but the whole clip is so money… 🙂 )

Well… off to sleep. I have work all day tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Usually I don’t work weekends, but since I’m not working next weekend, I got scheduled for this entire one… boo.

Have a good one