Busy day, man.

I woke up way earlier than I normally would so I could be on time for my breakfast date with my dad. We had some Panera and then tried to find some ground corn cob (or something along those lines) for his tumbler. No such luck.

Back at home I took the dogs out and played with them for awhile… they make me laugh. We have the best dogs ever.

I had planned on watching the Glee livestream w/Mark, Ashley and Darren this morning on Cambio, but it started late (yay for youtube… I’m gonna watch it after I’m done posting here). So, I scrapped that plan and watched some more Hot Fuzz w/my dad. Then I had to get ready for work.

I was only at work for 4 hours… and it went super quick because I was beyond busy, it was ridiculous. I and another colleague got put into a different work area because they scheduled people for training during their shifts so other work areas needed to be covered. Who does that on a busy Saturday?! Yikes. But, I think everything ended up okay. A few people were a bit touchy because we were so busy and it was hard to get to helping people right away. But, we tried to get everything under control.

I have to work all day tomorrow. And by all day, I mean all day… open to close. Almost a 9 hour shift. That’s going to suck hardcore. I’ll be by myself for a few hours, but then thankfully one of my favorite colleagues will be coming in to work with me. So, that’ll be nice. And then I’m off for a week. WOO HOO!

After work, I came home and played with the dogs some more because that’s the best pick-me-up ever. My dad and I watched the rest of Hot Fuzz and then we watched Slither b/c he hadn’t seen it before and I have the DVD. He liked it, of course.

Well… off to sleep. Gotta get some rest before a long day tomorrow. It’s supposed to storm soon… hopefully that won’t last long.

Have a good one