I had a hunch that I was going to have to go into work on my day off for training… and said hunch was totally right. I literally had an hour to shower, change into work dress code (even though it was my day off and last time this happened I was allowed to wear jeans) and drive to work to make it on time. Luckily training went a lot faster than it should have (I think this was because we were trained by a manager who was forced to fill in for the one who was supposed to train us… but I’m not complaining. We got done in 2 hours instead of 3 – woot.)

But, even though I had to drag myself to work on my day off, I had a pretty spectacular day.

I slept through most of the night (yay). I ran errands with my mom and got snacks, tylenol and cough drops for the epic adventure I’m about to have this coming weekend. I got a whole bunch of stuff back from my sister’s apt, including one of my favorite blankets, the toothbrush I accidentally left there the last time I visited, 2 signed Playbills from H2$ and Catch Me if You Can, an Adventure of Priscilla cup, and a super early birthday present (Hello, gorgeous.). I watched Glee during lunch (“Special Education” – I love me some Warblers, of course). And, when I got home from work, I got my DIPLOMA!!!

Yep… it was waiting for me on the kitchen table in all it’s diplomaness. I now believe that I am officially done with my graduate education. I am a Master of Science. (In Journalism. In JOURNALISM. Me. A Master of Science in Journalism… Buh-what?!?!?!?!?!)

I know it’s just a piece of (heavy) paper, but it really just solidifies the finality of this chunk of my higher education. I now officially have two degrees. My blog title is totally legit now. Two Degrees and Separation. (Though over the past year or so, the “separation” part has taken on oh so many meanings…)

Besides still being incredibly unsure of my future, job prospects, etc…, physically having this diploma is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m done with graduate school. They can’t take it away from me – I finished what I started. And I did it in two years. YAY TEAM!

So, I’m happy today. I’m done with school (for now… who knows what other kinds of degrees I could be earning someday). I get to see my brother tomorrow. I get to go on a road trip this weekend. I get to meet a bunch of new people. I get to go to a concert. I get to see a play. I get to be a part of something way bigger than myself.

I am damn lucky and I will try my hardest not to take any of this for granted.

So, I hope you had a happy day as well 🙂

Have a good one