So, I started rewatching the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring because my brother is in town and he wanted to watch it. Of course his phone rang about 10 minutes in, and by time he was done, I was an hour into the movie and falling asleep. So, I turned off the movie and went to my room to type this up… I think he restarted the movie. (At least, that’s what it sounds like through my ceiling.)

I love the LOTR movies. I admit to never having read the books, but I have seen all 3 of Peter Jackson’s movies and I appreciate their epicness.

However, I totally always fall asleep during the beginning of FotR because the Shire stuff just drags on forever. I know Galadriel’s VO is super important, as are the interactions between the hobbits and whatnot, but come one… let’s get walking to Mordor already!

I’m sure I’ll watch the rest of FotR soon, as well as Two Towers and Return of the King, but for right now, I am sleepy… and so I’ll type a bit more and then crash. Like whoa.

Right after I stopped watching LOTR and right before I started typing this, I was brushing my teeth and listening to my iPod (as I always do…). Tonight, my iPod decided to play Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” out of the 5,000+ songs stored on it.

I have yet to listen to a Beyonce song that I don’t like…

… And this song is no exception. In fact, this might be one of my favorite Beyonce songs of all time. I love this song. I think it is brilliant. It’s catchy. It’s sassy. It’s empowering. Yay Beyonce 🙂

On a completely unrelated note, I keep seeing commercials for the Glee 3D movie, which I am looking forward to seeing. However, it seems that the movie is more about the fan experience with Glee than the actual concert (though there will be song performances, obviously).

(Glee 3D movie and Glee Season 3 SPOILERS and SPECULATIONS)

I have not seen this movie yet, obviously, since it doesn’t come out until Friday. I won’t get to see the sneak peek tomorrow b/c our theater sold out before I could get tickets. However, I have read some online accounts of people who have seen the movie already. It appears that Sue Sylvester isn’t in the movie at all, Kurt’s “Single Ladies” routine is not in the film, nor is the entire Klaine sketch.

I was wondering how they were going to handle that part, but I guess it makes sense. In the Klaine skecth during the tour, Kurt asks Blaine to join New Directions. He says yes and then joins New Directions for their last few songs.

What I’m wondering, though, is how the movie is going to explain Blaine being in some of the New Directions numbers…

See, it’s still a mystery whether Blaine will be transfered to McKinley at the beginning of Season 3 (which just started shooting). Is this concert tour going to be addressed in the show at all as something the New Directions and Warblers did over the summer? (Since the concert is in-character…) Is the concert going to act as Blaine’s transfer to McKinley, or will that all be glossed over as a separate entity from the show?

Who knows?

I’m a lot worried for Season 3 of Glee. I hope the show hasn’t jumped the shark yet. With all the controversy over which characters are or are not graduating, it’s getting a bit confusing and frustrating. I guess we just won’t know until the Season premiere which characters are seniors and which ones aren’t. As super happy as I am that Darren Criss (Blaine) is now a series regular, I am actually really hoping that his character is a senior. Blaine was supposed to be Kurt’s mentor last season… I think it would be really awkward if Blaine turned out to be a grade behind Kurt (as Kurt will be a senior this season). Right?

I’ll totally still watch the show. But as of right now, I honestly don’t have the highest of expectations for this season because I’m pretty sure the show could crash and burn if they try to cram in too many story lines into 22 episodes. Plus, I’m wondering how they’ll deal with adding in new characters when the show already has a ginormous cast. We already don’t know a lot about some of the characters who have been on since the first season.

Oh well… we will just have to wait and see.

(end Glee talk)

Well, I’m gonna get some sleep. I have some more packing and a barge ride tomorrow. Probably some more rehearsals and ping pong as well.

Have a good one