I had today off, which was lovely as I am still getting back into the swing of things after this weekend’s shenanigans.

I got up, threw in some laundry, then watched an episode of Pushing Daisies while I ate breakfast. I cannot express how much I utterly love this show and wish there were more than two partial seasons.

After the episode, I played some ping pong against my mom. We played four games and I won 3 of them… 2 of them left-handed. As we say in our house, “Learning curve like this /.” Needless to say, my mom was not entirely happy that I was the overall winner today. We are a competitive people. And today, I happen to come out victorious… it felt good.

More Pushing Daisies ensued and then I had to get productive. I spent a majority of the afternoon applying for jobs. I think I applied for 10 jobs today… all sorts of stuff. Administrative assistants, something to do with a children’s magazine, various jobs dealing with sales or distribution. There’s so much stuff that sounds super interesting and awesome, so I applied to everything I could. And I will keep applying until something finally comes through… I need to get out of here. I mean, I love my family like whoa and living with them has actually been really great. But, I need to earn myself a job that doesn’t feel like my soul is being sucked out of my person by the end of the day and move out on my own to try and navigate this crazy thing we call life.

This evening I will take it easy and watch reruns of Modern Family and Happy Endings. Love. Those. Shows.

I have to work the next three days, but it shouldn’t be too horrible. Woot.

So, on a completely other topic… the Glee 3D Live Concert Movie (SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the movie).

(in the best Seinfeld impression you can muster) What’s the deal with that?

I read this article on EW.com about why the movie did pretty horrendous at the box office thus far.

The article went on to say that some of the reasons for the poor showing were source material, lack of behind-the-scenes material, and the 3D-ness of it all.

I completely agree with the article

1. Source material – Let’s face it, Glee has been in the (entertainment) news as of late, especially around the time of Comic-Con because there was a lot of confusion about which characters/actors were going to be seniors this season and subsequently which characters/actors would not be coming back for Season 4. (Remember, Season 3 starts this September.) And as much as I love Glee, it’s a bit annoying to keep seeing it in such negative light in the media. Also, as much as I love Glee, I’m a bit sick of the New Directions. (Blasphemy, I know.) My favorite parts of the show mostly revolve around the Warblers and Burt Hummel. And the Warblers were maybe in the movie for 10 minutes and Burt Hummel isn’t in the movie at all… just sayin’. I’m on my way to being very much over the McKinley kids.

2. Lack of behind-the-scenes material – I think the movie would have been better without profiling those three people throughout the film. I *did* like that there were fans answering questions throughout the film (like, who is your favorite Glee character, etc…), but as a fan of Glee, I went into the movie hoping to see the Glee Live Concert and not the backstories of three of the shows fans. Nothing against those three people – for reals, their stories were inspirational and they all seem like awesome people – but when you pay to see a Glee 3D Live Concert Movie, you want to see a Glee Concert. Right?

Though there were a few sporadic behind-the-scenes moments with the various Glee characters, they were few and far between. This was a perfect opportunity to let Glee fans see what the Glee characters were like when they weren’t in school. Instead, we got a couple moments here and there with Rachel warming up, Artie hyperventilating, Puck talking about pool cleaning and (implied) sex, and the Warblers ragging on Blaine for always getting solos. There were a couple Brittany and Santana moments as well, but on a whole, the character parts weren’t that informational nor super entertaining. Plus, where was Finn? Where was Quinn? Where was Sam? Why couldn’t we see more of Sam’s James Earl Jones impressions? Why couldn’t we see some Kurt and Blaine interactions (Boyfriends on tour together with their rival showchoirs… come on!)? Why did they cut out Coach Sylvester but include Holly Holliday’s “meh” performance of “Forget You”? Why did no one explain why the New Directions and Warblers were on a tour together?


3. The 3D-ness of it all – I hate 3D movies. Like whoa. The only movie that I’ve seen in 3D that kinda deserved to be in 3D was Avatar and that’s only to help overlook the fact that that movie’s plot was an amalgam of Ferngully and Pocahontas. 3D movies are an epic waste of money for the audience because they have to pay the 3D fee on top of the regular ticket fee. It’s just a way for the studios to steal more money from the viewing public. (Yes, steal. Ticket prices are RIDICULOUS.)

But I digress…

This movie did not need to be in 3D. All of the dancing and quick camera movements were kind of headache-inducing in 3D because the images were moving too fast for the 3D to be effective. I actually spent most of the movie with one of my eyes shut.

On a whole, I liked the movie. Even though a lot of stuff got left out, it was still really great to see some of my favorite music numbers from the tour again. I was thankful to get to see the Warblers and the mini-Warbler up on the big screen. However, I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it (I used my free movie ticket that I got after our Horrible Bosses screening went awry), and I wouldn’t pay to see it again in theaters. I would probably buy it on DVD when it comes out just because Darren Criss is in it. (Yep, not gonna lie, if the Warblers weren’t included in the movie, I wouldn’t buy it. The Warblers were the best part of the tour. Hands down.)

(End SPOILERS/opinions about Glee 3D Live Concert Movie)

Well… I’m gonna watch my shows.

Have a good one!