I’m watching the Community rerun that’s on right now… it’s the Pulp Fiction/Abed’s Birthday episode. Abed is totally my spirit animal. I’m that girl who understands all of his pop culture references. Plus, this show on a whole is just amazing. Why it hasn’t been more formally recognized in the entertainment industry for its epic brilliance is beyond me. This show is genius.

Today was a pretty “meh” day. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t horrible either.

For some reason, my alarm did not go off this morning, even though I checked it thrice before I went to sleep last night. Luckily I still woke up on time.

Work was fairly slow. And by fairly, I mean a lot. I tried to keep myself busy, and was mostly successful. However, I was no where near meeting my sales goal. That could not be helped.

After work, I had to run to the post office. I decided to GPS one that I thought was close to my house. Turns out that post office no longer exists any more. I found its new address, but still ended up spending 30 minutes driving around the next town over. That was not super fun, but at least I eventually found the post office.

At home, I lost 3 games of ping pong to my mom, then caught up on some stuff on my computer. Now I’m watching Parks & Rec (Community‘s over – sadness). Parks & Rec is also a brilliant show. It started off slow in its first season, but has really grown into a smart, and super entertaining program. Yay Thursday night TV that doesn’t suck.

I work all day tomorrow, so that’s something.


While at work today, I thought about a bunch of hypotheticals. Like, what if I just quit working there after the holidays? (This is part of my worst-case-scenario plans if I somehow don’t manage to find a real job within the next few weeks/months.) I need to be in New York in January for H2$… maybe I should just quit work so I can go see my musical and then move to somewhere.

I don’t know… I’m just spit-balling here.

I’m tired. I’m gonna log off my computer…

Have a good one