For the fourth time in the past week, I’ve fallen asleep during the day. I usually can never nap because it usually takes me forever to fall asleep, but somehow I have just been passing out all over the house. Last Monday a nap was warranted because I had gotten home at 3 am from my Chicago trip. But thrice in the past three days, I’ve fallen asleep for seemingly no good reason (except that I was freakishly worn out, I guess). I haven’t slept good during the night for a very, very long time now. So, falling asleep when I can during the day is good because I am actually sleeping. But, then since I sleep during the day, I have even more trouble falling asleep at night. What a vicious cycle.

So, since I fell asleep from 5:45-7 tonight while watching a movie, I have a hunch I’m going to be up for a bit tonight. At least I’ll get some reading done :/

This morning my parents went on a fishing outing, so I had the house to myself. I did some laundry, applied for several more jobs (fingers crossed someone wants to hire me…), and started watching Becoming Jane with commentary.

I saw Becoming Jane twice in theaters and several more times on DVD. I like it a lot, as it’s an amalgam of Austen’s books, as well as some historical fiction about Jane Austen herself. I also like that it co-stars James McAvoy. (Day-yum)

My all time favorite scene of that film is:

Regardless how many times I see this scene, my heart stops at 1:07. God, that music is so perfect right then. It’s such a beautiful moment and his little smile/smirk kills me every time. Every. Time.

That bit reminds me a lot of the dance sequence in Shakespeare in Love where Will and Viola meet face-to-face for the first time. Another epically swoon-worthy moment on film, for sure.

(Actually, this whole freakin’ movie is swoon-worthy. Great music, costumes, cast, story. It’s my 3rd favorite film of all time 🙂 )

What else, what else?

Since it was so lovely out, I took my computer out onto the deck to start making some new mix CDs. My parents got home soon thereafter, so I showed them the flash mob while they were relaxing after their outing. We had several good laughs at my expense, but I think they were proud of me for partaking in that whole experience.

I played some ping pong with my mom, but only won one game. Later during dinner we watched Along Came Polly, but I fell asleep after about 20 minutes.

I just caught the last 20 minutes of the finale of The Glee Project. (SPOILER ALERT) Sam and Damian both “won,” so they each get 7-episode arcs. Lindsay and Alex, though not “winners,” will still get 2-episode arcs. Hmmm… I really wonder how they are going to fit into the show. I mean, I can see them all on the show… Damian as a foreign exchange student. Alex being someone’s sassy friend/neighbor/in a rival show choir. Lindsay seems to be a good Mean Girl-esque character. But Sam… what about Sam? He could play a Puck-esque badass. He could be the quiet artsy kid. He could be a potential love interest for any of the characters… male or female. I dig his look… kind of a more mysterious/dark/intense Jason Castro. The possibilities are endless. I just hope the Glee Project kids are worked into the show in an organic way, as opposed to just sticking them somewhere. (END SPOILERS)

Well… I guess I’m off to read.

I have work tomorrow and then might run an errand or two. We’ll see 🙂

Have a good one