I didn’t read The Help, but I wanted to see the movie because I am a fan of a number of the actresses who were in it, and it’s about civil rights (an issue that I am very interested in/passionate about).

I was very impressed with the ensemble of talented women who were cast in this film, especially Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. Viola Davis is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses working these days. Her performance as Aibileen Clark is so gut-wrenching. Her eyes are so expressive and she is able to command attention, or completely shy away from it, with the tone of her voice.

I liked the movie a lot. I thought it brought to light a really important time in American history. Though the Civil War was long over, the war for Civil Rights was still in full swing. “Separate But Equal” my ass. Had I been around during that time period and living in the South, I like to think that I would be like Skeeter. I would want to hear the perspective of the people who weren’t being heard and I would want to share that with whoever would listen.

I know this is a movie and therefore fictional, but deep down I know that there were people like the character in this movie. There were little girls (and boys, I’m sure) who were raised by “the help” only to grow up and subsequently treat their hired help like crap just because of the color of their skin. *That* makes my skin crawl.

In addition to my trip to the cinema today, I beat my mom in ping pong. (Two games to one… woot woot.) I got a couple books out from the library. I had to deal with some stupid student loans shenanigans. Something seems to be up with my gmail for some reason… I missed two important emails in the past couple weeks. Who knows what else I haven’t been receiving.

I watched the Glee rerun tonight – “Born This Way.” I like this episode a lot because I enjoy all of the music performances (as much as I love Glee, most episodes have at least one song where I’m like “meh”). I wrote a blog post about this episode when it first aired. If you want, you can read about it here.

I have to work tomorrow, but then have off on Thursday. I think I’ll need to run some errands. I decided I do not like the black pants I got at Kohl’s yesterday, so I’m gonna return them and get some pants at Old Navy. I also should stop at Target. And since I still have store credit to use up at DSW, I might stop in there to see if any cute shoes in my size have clearanced themselves to a likable price 🙂

Well… sleep time.

Have a good one