I am too tired to think right now.

As the moment, I’m watching the Modern Family reruns and Happy Endings on ABC. Even though I’ve seen these episodes multiple times, I still laughed out loud so hard I almost spewed soda out of my mouth. I’m really tired, so everything just seems extra funny.

I had to work this afternoon. It went okay. No where near meeting the astronomical sales goal I was given… it’s like my workplace is setting me up for failure. Not just me, though. It happens to my colleagues too. *shrug*

This morning before work, I tried to figure out some of the online billing stuff I was having issue with yesterday. I found it awfully frustrating when I tried to contact the Student Loans people, but their email option wasn’t working. Boo

In addition to billing shenanigans, I also watched a bunch of videos of StarKid from LeakyCon. I watched all of their songs and then the Q&A. StarKid stuff will always make me smile. Even though it’s all a bit silly at times, I just have really fond memories of watching their shows over the past few months, getting to see them (and meeting some of them) at the Digitour, and seeing them again a few weeks ago in Chicago. I know they are just “normal” people like me, but I really respect that group of people and think they are talented and very creative. I admire that they are a group of friends who continue to work together to make these productions. I look forward to their future projects and hope one day to see one of their shows in person as opposed to on youtube or DVD 🙂 (Seriously, though, if you like comedic musical theater that also has a lot of heart, you need to check out A Very Potter Musical, Me and My Dick, A Very Potter Sequel and Starship. Also, Little White Lies… that’s more of an ABC Family-esque teen soap, but it’s still got some decent music. 🙂 )

Well… off to watch Happy Endings 🙂

Have a good one

P.S. Here’s a link to the Glee Season 3 teaser trailer… Blaine is only in it for a fraction of a second, but his outift is amazing. I can’t wait to see what kind of wardrobe that character gets this season 🙂