I do not envy the people in the path of Hurricane Irene. As much as I want to be an East Coast-er, I’m glad to be living in the middle of the country right now as there is no threat of hurricane anything here. I have some friends in NYC right now and other family and friends up and down the coast, so I will be keeping up with the weather there. I just hope everyone stays safe and that the hurricane isn’t as bad as it could be.

What a semi-productive day…

I had a fitful night of sleep last night (woke up around 4:30 worrying about jobs and whatnot) and then dragged myself out of bed by 8:30. I had some breakfast and then dragged myself back downstairs to apply for some jobs. I think I applied to 6 jobs today… everything from being an assistant to an open position at DC Comics. Tomorrow I will send out more applications. Something’s gotta happen!!

During lunch, I popped in my Rent DVD and watched the scenes with the songs I like the most. I saw the stage version twice – once before the movie came out and once after. I love the stage version, but cannot say the same about the movie. The movie is okay, and I like being able to see the actors faces and whatnot, but it just doesn’t quite have the same spirit as the live version. That, and the people are all way too old to be playing those parts. (Just sayin’…)

I worked this afternoon. I was by myself for the most part and was fairly busy the whole time. I dealt with a lot of nice people… it’s easier when it’s nice people. I didn’t get my break, though, so even though I was dealing with nice people, at the end of my shift I was ready to knock down anyone who was standing in the way between me and my car. I was dehydrated, my head was spinning and I just wanted to get home. There was an accident on the highway I take to get home, so that slowed things down a bit. That, and the driver in front of me was super inconsiderate. *And* when I got into my neighborhood, the sun was right in my eyes and there were a couple kids sitting on bikes in the middle of the street. Good thing I saw them as I was turning, or I would have hit them. They didn’t even move as I approached and passed them… idiot kids.

I watched an episode of Glee to calm myself down while I ate dinner – “The Power of Madonna.” I like most of the music numbers… plus this is the first episode we see Kurt in his Cheerios uniform. A-frickin’dorable.

I played some ping pong with my mom. I won one game and she won two. woot. I’m sure there will be more of that tomorrow.

It got too dark to be playing ping pong in the garage, so we went inside and put on the Packers/Colts game. I’m not a huge football fan, but I don’t mind either of those teams. I have cheered on the Packers since I was in elementary school (I like the cheesehead hat), so I will continue to root them on.

I have the weekend off, so that’s nice. I will try and sleep in tomorrow 🙂 And then apply for more jobs…

Have a good one