Yay me, I was productive today 🙂

This morning, I scanned all of the entertainment articles I’ve ever had published (minus the two or three I don’t have physical copies of… boo). I needed some PDFs to send in for some job applications, but it was also about time I had PDFs of everything, just in case. Man, if I would have gotten a dollar for every article I wrote for those 3 publications, I would have, like, $20. (Plus, I wrote a bunch of articles for OU when I had my graduate associate position during school… but those articles won’t help me get an entertainment journalism job.)

So, I scanned for literally two hours this morning, then watched some Arrested Development. (One of the greatest television shows of all time.)

After lunch, I spent a couple hours typing up a cover letter, fine-tuning my resume and turning some of the jpegs from earlier in the day into PDF files to send in for a job application. I finally sent it in… I hope I hear back from them! The job I applied for would seriously be perfect for me.

After that, I played some ping pong with my mom, watched some more Arrested Development/ate pizza, then played more ping pong with my mom, then watched more Arrested Development.

Tomorrow I have off again, but I’ll need to do some laundry and apply for more jobs.

And really that’s all that went down today…

So, have a good one 🙂