I had full intention of being super productive today like I was yesterday. I still was productive, but not in the way I could have.

I woke up and found that my parents had gone out to breakfast, so I threw in some laundry, made some waffles and watched Glee (“Hell-o”). I used to super love this episode because it was the first appearance of Jesse St. James, but when I rewatched it this morning, I just wasn’t feeling it… probably because I don’t care anymore about any story lines involving Mr. Schue. Call me a bad Glee fan, but unless the plot involves Kurt, Mr. Hummel, Blaine, Coach Beiste or Puck in any way shape or form, I’m kinda over it. *shrug*

I can’t wait for the rest of Season 2 to come out on DVD and I can’t wait for new episodes to start. I need new Glee because I need new Glee songs. Now 🙂

When my folks got home, my mom and I played some ping pong, but we stopped after 3 games because it was smelling like cigarette smoke outside of our garage (pretty sure it was the neighbor) and I can’t function under those circumstances. (Cigarette smoke agitates me like whoa.)

I read for a bit and then ate lunch with my parents while we watched some Arrested Development.

After lunch my parents went canoeing/fishing. I folded laundry, read some more, and then baked some cookies.

I baked the most delicious cookies 🙂

We had a half-used can of pumpkin in the fridge, so my mom encouraged me to use that up if I could… I didn’t use the whole thing, but I did use a majority of it when I ended up making pumpkin/pecan/chocolate chip cake cookies with a vanilla frosting (all made from scratch – woot woot). My nose doesn’t work so well, but my parents got home while the cookies were still in the oven and my mom said you could smell their cookie goodness outside, as it wafted out the kitchen window (my words, not hers).

The cookies taste good, that’s for sure 🙂 (I’m having one right now as I type this… nom nom nom.)

I love baking. It’s like Chemistry Class, but instead of blowing something up, you get to eat the results. Baking is relaxing… measuring a bunch of stuff, mixing a bunch of stuff, making a nice presentation. Good times. Plus, I listen to music and sing while I bake. Makes it that much more fun 🙂

After I finished with the cookies and cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen, I helped my parents make dinner.

My mom and I played some more ping pong post-dinner… I won 2 of 3 games. To be fair, though, my mom started giving up early in the 3rd game.

We’re watching some football right now, but not really. More like the TV is on and football happens to be on it. I’ll head to bed soon, as I have to be up early for work tomorrow. I have a long-ass shift ahead of me, so that kinda sucks. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be by myself… hopefully it won’t be a super slow day tomorrow.

Well… I’m gonna get going. Maybe read for a bit before I try to sleep.

Have a good one