But, before I bitch about work, here’s a bit of good news…

StarKid AJ Holmes is going to be in the touring cast of Young Frankenstein as Frankenstein from September to June!! Here’s the link to the schedule and tour info… I think the group of StarKids that I roll with are going to try and see the show in January… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the same show with them, though, as I’ll need to be in NYC around that time to see one of my other favorite StarKids, Darren Criss, in his Broadway debut in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 🙂

Yay for StarKids 🙂

Okay, so I am going to bitch about work for a little bit.

Work was going so well today. I was covering my work area and a colleague’s work area because she was running late due to a family thing. No problem – work was slow, so I was easily able to cover 1/2 of the entire floor by myself.

Unfortunately, I had a huge sales goal, which was going to be unattainable due to the fact that I was only working 4 hours today. I kept busy, but I wasn’t super busy.

Toward the very end of my shift, I was super busy, juggling three sets of customers. During this chunk of time, my manager came up to me to discuss my numbers from a couple weeks ago (which I knew weren’t good). I was up on a ladder trying to track down stuff for my customers while my manager went on about how my sales numbers for that week were really bad.

Of course the were bad!

I tend to get scheduled for short shifts on days when my workplace is not super busy. However, on those same, often slow days, my sales goals are astronomical. For example, last week, I was scheduled to work 3 hours and my sales goal was almost $2000. Whereas, on other days, if I work for 3 hours, my sales goal is a more attainable $600. When I don’t meet or come close to meeting my sales goal, my performance numbers suffer. It’s hard to meet a sales goal when there is physically no one in the work area to sell to. I’m not a friggin’ magician. I can’t make customers appear out of thin air, let a lone drop hundreds of dollars on stuff.

I tried to explain this to my manager (not using the above wording, of course). She nodded her head and agreed with me, but it still looks like I’m not doing my job well. But, I know that I am awesome at my job, even though my numbers don’t quite show it. Colleagues tell me I’m good at my job. Customers tell me that I’m good at my job.

It also doesn’t help that I was told by one colleague (in front of my manager, luckily), that a $1000 sale I was working on today was taken by another colleague.

Yeah, you read that right.

So, today was frustrating because it just feels like my current job is forever setting me up to fail.

I know this isn’t going to be my career. But I also know that I like to be good at whatever it is I do. And I am good at my job. But since my numbers suck, I’m sure all my managers think I suck.

I got home around the same time as my mom. She was getting back from having a lump thing removed from her elbow (she’s fine – it’s not malignant or anything), and she had gotten us doughnuts on the way home. We sat at the dining room table with our snack (i.e. my lunch b/c I wasn’t given my break at work today… surprise, surprise) and I vented a bit. Not gonna lie, I teared up. I haven’t been sleeping well and I was just so frustrated. I told her I really was thinking that if I don’t get hired from any of the applications I’ve applied for thus far, I’m seriously thinking about quitting after Christmas and just moving somewhere because my current job is so soul crushing.

(End rant about work)


So, there was a Glee re-run on tonight, “Prom Queen”

I wrote a big ol’ blog post about it when it first aired. You can read about it HERE.

It was nice to catch this on TV again, though. Last time it was on, there was a huge storm and we missed the last couple minutes. So, when my mom and I watched it tonight, she still didn’t know what happened after Kurt and Dave were supposed to dance. It was so cute watching my mom… when Dave walked off, my mom was like, “Is Kurt going to dance alone?!” and then on the TV, Blaine was all like, “Excuse me. May I have this dance?” and my mom was like, “Blaine! [swats me on the leg] Saving the day!”


(btw – my mom calls Darren Criss “Blaine” regardless of what we’re watching that has him in it… or when we’re talking about him. Like, last night I was at Applebees with my parents for their Anniversary and I somehow managed to weasel StarKid stuff and Glee into the conversation. My dad commented how he didn’t think Kurt [i.e. Chris Colfer] was going to make it after Glee and both my mom and I were like “NO!” and then my mom was even saying how he was going to be in a movie [Struck By Lightning… which he totally wrote and produced too]. And then I was trying to explain how Chris Colfer and Darren Criss were the only ones who were going to make it after their stints on Glee. MMy dad looked at me like “who?” and my mom was like, “Blaine” and I was like, “you know, Harry Potter from the Harry Potter musicals,” to which my dad said, “I was not aware they were the same person.” Oh, Dad!)

So, 3 weeks till new Glee.

Well… I think I should probably sleep soon. I’m just so tired.

I have 2 days off now, which will be lovely. My mom and I might go a movie on Thursday. That’ll be nice 🙂

Have a good one