I don’t know what the heck is up, but for the past few days, I have been getting this sudden burst of warmness in my upper left leg, a little higher than behind the back of my knee. Just out of nowhere it feels like that part of my leg is on fire. Every time it happens, I check to see if my leg is wet or bleeding, because it’s the same warm feeling you get when your pants get wet in a warm rain or something. It’s not hurting me or anything, it just really bothers me. And when it happens, my skin is still cool to the touch (it actually just happened as I was typing this out… bah), but it feels on fire from the inside. I’ll have to google that later to see what’s up. Bizarre.


I had a mostly productive day today. I applied for probably 7 or 8 jobs this morning/afternoon. (Later today when I was telling my mom about this, she asked, “How’s that going for you?” to which I replied, “Not so well, obviously.” I can’t believe I am still here in MN 😦 )

After being hunched over my computer for several hours with job applications, I needed a break. So, I played outside with the dogs for a bit and then played some Wii Glee Karaoke and High School Musical Sing It!. Somehow singing really loud always helps.

(And there goes that leg thing again… geez!)

This afternoon consisted of Yahtzee, reading and ping pong. Now I’m watching the Modern Family reruns. I’m looking forward to getting some sleep, though, to be perfectly honest. I miss sleeping through the night, though I am confident I will be able to do this once more somewhere down the road.

I think my mom and I might see The Debt tomorrow… I still have to check movie times, though.

Have a good one!