September 2011

This will be a short post b/c I’m super tired (I got home from work an hour ago and have to be back early-ish in the morning).

I didn’t do much today – watched the last two episodes of Mad Men from Season 4. I figured out how to use my camera as a video camera, how to upload said video onto my computer and then edit/compress said video for a couple projects that I’ll need to do this weekend. (I’ve been practicing for my Glee Project audition, but I still need to go over the questions to answer for that reality/game show I got asked to submit a tape for.) I worked all afternoon/evening. Today at work, my manager asked me if I would take over as a specialist in my work area. I told her I needed to think about it for a little bit, but would get back to her soon. I think I am going to take the position, but I need to let her know about my intentions when it comes to how long I’ll be working there. As of right now, I need a week off around New Year’s, and I know that’s not possible with where I work, so I was going to have to quit (which I was hoping I would have another job lined up by then anyway). I don’t think my mom is too happy at the thought of me quitting my job to go on a trip with my friends and then not having something to fall back on. The truth is, I can’t be here anymore. I have felt like I waaaaaaaaaaay overstayed my welcome and I need to move on. Yes, I do not have a job or an apartment lined up yet. But, I really have my heart set on finding a job in/near NYC. I need to find a way to make that a reality sooner rather than later. *sigh*

And that’s about all that happened today…

Oh, except for I got home to find this HUGE Glee-related spoiler all over the Interwebs… (If you want to be SPOILED, then click this link.) What?!?!?!??!! Right?


I’m off to bed

Have a good one

I’m watching the X-Factor right now b/c there isn’t much else on on TV right this second (I did watch Community and Parks & Rec… not the best episodes ever, but I love those shows like whoa regardless).

If I sang as bad as some of the people on this show, my family would have the decency to tell me. It really bothers me that the cockiest people on this show (and shows like American Idol) are usually the worst singers/performers. How does this happen? Why has no one been honest with them and told them that they are not God’s gift to performing. I mean, by all means, keep practicing and performing. But don’t expect to be the next American Idol or whatever.

I did not have a super productive day. I went to work this morning and was there for a few hours. I was super busy the whole time, so at least it went fast. I wasn’t able to take a break because the woman who was supposed to break me couldn’t b/c her work area was super busy too and she couldn’t leave. *sigh* I was going to run errands after work, but since I was dizzy by time I left, I opted to run them after work on Saturday.

I laughed on the way to my car, though, b/c I got a text from my mom saying that we could go to a movie at 4:00 – either Warrior or Drive.

I opted for Drive.

What an interesting film… I thought the color and text of the credits (neon pink, and sort of cursivey, but not really) was really great. Kinda 80s. The movie felt a bit 80s… probably because of Ryan Gosling’s white scorpion jacket.

(btw – take this guy on the X-Factor singing his original song “How We Make It”. I believe he thinks he is all that and a bag of organic potato chips. He’s a good singer, but I do not like his vibe. People who are that full of themselves make me want to hit them with a sock full of quarters. There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness. And he’s cocky.)

Anyway, Drive. I love love LOVED how little dialogue the Driver had. Ryan Gosling is one of the greatest actors of my generation and this movie was just one more example of how amazing he is at his craft. His eyes are so freakin’ expressing. His performance was mesmerizing – the range of emotions the Driver has to go through (sometimes within mere moments of each other) was intense.

(X-Factor – there is NO WAY this guy is 59… he looks so young!)

I knew Drive was going to be violent, but I didn’t know it was going to be *that* violent. I burst into a fit of giggles every time it got way violent because it was just so intense and that’s one of my coping mechanisms. (The same reason I laugh instead of scream on roller coasters… I often have the opposite reaction to whatever circumstance I am in. *shrug*) I really liked the movie, though. Solid cast. Great acting. (Carey Mulligan is amazing. AMAZING.)

(oh, this poor kid singing “Seasons of Love”… hell to the no 😦 )

Well… I’m gonna finish watching X-Factor and then read some.

Have a good one!

I’m sitting here on the couch, watching Survivor. One of my dogs is sleeping on the couch next to me… she’s so warm. She’s been hanging around me a lot today for some reason (not that I mind, of course). When I was checking my email earlier in my room, she jumped up onto my bed where I was sitting and curled up on my feet and fell asleep. She just really likes to be around people or our other dog, whereas our other dog is very much a loner. She’s friendly to us and the other dog, but she chooses to spend most of her day sleeping across the room from where ever we happen to be.

(Jesus, this woman needs to stop doing spoken word stuff on Survivor. Nothing against that art form, but she annoys me. And evidently she annoys the other tribe members too… everyone watching the Redemption Island face-off pretty much rolled their eyes.)

I did not get much accomplished today. I had off from work and had full intent on getting a bunch of stuff done… but I didn’t. I helped my mom bake a cake. And by help, I mean sit on the counter, played DJ and licked the mixing spoon while my mom chopped almonds and poured everything into the Kitchen Aid mixer. We played a lot of Yahtzee and ping pong today.

I did do some job hunting. I put a few ads in my JOBS folder on my computer and will organize some Cover Letters for the ones that need them.

I will need to make a couple videos in the next few days… I might have to use a different computer, though, b/c I don’t have video recording capabilities on mine. I got a few emails from The Glee Project saying there is going to be a second season, so I will audition for that again. (I won’t go to the live auditions again, but I don’t mind submitting a tape.) I also got a request from a reality/game show I applied to on a whim to submit an audition tape. So, I’ll need to look over the questions they wanted me to answer and then make a video for that too. I will do all of this over the next few days, probably.

I watched an episode of Mad Men (I only have 3 left of Season 4) and am watching Survivor. I’ll watch Modern Family and Happy Endings too.

But yeah, I didn’t do much today. I just felt a bit off from yesterday. The bulk of the massive headache I had last night is gone, but I still am super tired and a bit headache-y. (My head hurt so bad last night, that I asked my mom if we had anything stronger than Ibuprofen. She looked at me like I was crazy. Since Ibuprofen doesn’t have any pain-relieving impact on me, I just assumed I was missing out on some other awesome over-the-counter pain killer. I guess not…)

Well… I’m gonna finish watching Survivor. I have work the next few days…

Have a good one


So, I rewatched “Silly Love Songs” today and it extra bothers me that Blaine is a junior. I mean, I’ll deal with it because what’s done is done. But, plot-wise, I think it’s stupid that he’s a junior. In Season 2, Kurt was crushing on Blaine and I was okay with it because Blaine was supposed to be the older mentor; protecting Kurt from Karofsky and whatnot. Since we all assumed Blaine was at least a junior last season, at the time, it was endearing seeing Blaine go from the confident out teen he was in “Never Been Kissed” to the embarrassed/disappointed puppy love-believing teen in “Silly Love Songs” to the somewhat educated about sex in “Sexy” to confident about his feelings for Kurt in “Original Songs” to overcoming past homophobic experiences in “Prom” to saying I Love You to Kurt in “New York”. But now, knowing that the whole time he was actually only a sophomore… it makes his over-confidence in “Never Been Kissed” a bit precocious, his GAP performance in “Silly Love Songs” even more inappropriate than we all thought it was anyway, his “I’ll tell you what I know” about sex conversation with Kurt a bit more eyebrow-raising, and his proclamation of love to Kurt a bit more “what do 10th graders *really* know about love?”.

While I am grateful that Blaine being a junior means that Darren Criss will likely be around for the whole of Season 4. I am a bit peeved that we won’t see Blaine and Kurt navigating their senior years together (in every sense of the word).

*shrug* I obviously have way too much time on my hands to think about this/let it bother me that much.

But, I know I’m not the only one

Hey there…

So, Glee Tuesday – “I Am Unicorn” – btw, i will link out to clips as soon as possible 🙂

(SPOILERS like WHOA if you haven’t seen the episode)

This week, there were two main plots revolving around Quinn and Kurt, and then a few subplots involving Rachel and Finn (kinda)

1. Quinn – So, at the start of the episode, Quinn is still with the Skanks. They are dunking some poor kid’s head in the toilet and taking her money. Sue finds them here after the toilet incident and talks to Quinn, wanting Quinn to help Sue with her anti-arts platform she’s using to run for political office. Quinn agrees and finds herself confronting Mr. Schue about how the glee club ruined her life. Mr. Schue stands up for himself and the glee club, telling Quinn that the glee club was the one group of people who completely supported Quinn throughout her pregnancy and whatnot. (Props to the writers for having Mr. Schue bring up how Mercedes let Quinn live at her house, but how Quinn never thanked her for that… yeah, remember when Mercedes and Quinn were kinda besties at the end of Season One? The whole of the fandom does, but characters on the show ever really addressed this.)

Besides butting heads with Mr. Schue, Quinn has another adult issue going on… with Shelby. (Yeah, Rachel’s mom is back. And remember that Quinn and Puck let Shelby adopt their baby at the end of Season One.) Shelby meets with Quinn and tells her that she wants Quinn to be in Beth’s life, but not in her present state. Puck wants to be in Beth’s life too… so he visits Shelby with a drawing her did for Beth (a scary clown-pig, but still…). Puck started the series as a douche (dumping Kurt in dumpsters, slushying everyone, etc…), but his character arc has been amazing. He has since grown to someone who sticks up for Kurt, tries to help Rachel and Quinn with their body/image issues, and now wants to be present in his daughter’s life.

By the end of the episode, Quinn is back to blonde, is in normal people clothes, and has asked to rejoin glee club. Mr. Schue lets her and Puck welcomes her back. Quinn then gets some slightly scary eyes, and then in a completely calm voice, tells Puck that if she has to look like this to get her baby back, she will. She then tells him that they are going to get full custody of Beth. Puck looks kinda worried… I am super interested in seeing where they are taking this plot line this season.

2. Kurt – Kurt has two major plot lines this episode… 1.) running for Senior Class President and 2.) Auditioning for West Side Story

Near the beginning of the episode, Brittany approaches Kurt and asks him if she can help with his campaign. She explains that Kurt is a unicorn – he had a really rough year the previous year, but he didn’t back down, nor did he shy away from who he was. Kurt is taken aback by her words and agrees to let her help with his campaign. At a campaign poster meeting after school, the two have some conflicting thoughts on the posters. Brittany’s posters are pink, glittery, and full of pictures of Kurt, unicorns and rainbows. Kurt’s posters are a bit more old-school Hollywood. Black and white w/Kurt in a suit. Kurt argues that he wants to steer his campaign away from more than him being gay. (This theme will come back a bit later as well…)

Also, Kurt is auditioning for the role of Tony in West Side Story. His audition comprises of him singing “I Am the Greatest Star” while doing some acrobats on some scaffolding, in addition to twirling some swords. The three directors of the musical (Coach Beiste, Artie and Miss Pillsbury) love his audition, but discuss later how he might not be the best choice for Tony because he’s too “delicate.” Kurt overhears this conversation and tries to take matters into his own hands. He drags Rachel onto the stage – both clad in Elizabethan garb – and tells the directors that they will be doing a scene from Romeo & Juliet to prove how he can be Tony. Kurt and Rachel launch into their scene while the directors look on and laugh. Things get even worse when Romeo/Kurt leans in to kiss Juliet/Rachel and she dodges it on purpose. She feels super horrible right away for her action and tries to apologize, but the damage has been done and Kurt storms off.

Later in the episode, Burt and Kurt have a bit of a one-on-one. Kurt tells his dad that he came up with a list of the shows he would get cast in – La Cages Aux Folles, Follies,, Falsettos and Miss Saigon… as Miss Saigon. He is discouraged because he feels he isn’t the leading man type and that he can’t pass for straight. Burt tells his son that he sings like Diana Ross and dresses like he owns a magic chocolate factory. (Burt Hummel is the greatest character in television history, for reals.) Burt then tells his son that he should write the kind of parts that he wants (which is totally a huge nod to Chris Colfer and how he wrote his own screenplay and then starred in it – a very un-Kurt part. Suck it, stereotypes. Chris Colfer can do no wrong.)

Kurt was also having a bit of conflict with his boyfriend this episode. During booty camp dance training, Kurt and Blaine were talking about audition songs and Blaine mentioned that he was torn between singing “Maria” and “Something’s Coming.” Kurt blanched at his choices and Blaine noticed the panic in his boyfriend’s eyes. Kurt remarked how those were Tony songs and asked if Blaine was auditioning for that role. You know that Kurt wants that role, but even he admitted that Blaine would be a perfect fit for Tony. Blaine, not wanting to upset Kurt, said that lead roles are for seniors and that since he’s a junior, he would be fine getting the role of Bernardo or Officer Krupke, so long as it’s opposite Kurt’s Tony.

At the end of the episode, Blaine does audition with “Something’s Coming.” And It. Is. F-ing. Flawless. When his name is first called to come out on stage, Blaine is hesitant. But as soon as the music starts, it’s like a performing light switch went off and he commanded that stage like his life depended on it. (This is the point in the episode where I thought to myself, “Blaine, you’re Darren is showing.” Holy hell, I seriously cannot wait to see him in H2$ after this AMAZING AMAZING performance.) During previous Warblers numbers, Blaine sometimes pantomimes out the lyrics while he sings. This song was no exception… but it worked. The gestures. The earnest evocation of feelings. The ability to convey everything with just a look or a twist of a smile. Throughout the performance, the three directors were completely engrossed in the audition. Beiste even wiped away a tear 🙂 Near the end of the song, we the audience could see Kurt watching Blaine perform. He was smiling and proud of his boyfriend. However, when the audition was over, the directors were confused that Blaine had put on his application that he was trying out for the role of Bernardo even though he sang a Tony song. Artie asked if Blaine would read for Tony. Kurt’s jaw dropped and his face fell. Blaine’s face screwed itself up into an epic fit of conflict. You could tell he wanted to say yes, but even more he wanted to say no because he knows Kurt wants the part. Blaine didn’t give an answer before the screen faded to black, so hopefully this will be resolved at the beginning of the next episode. I have this epic hunch that Kurt is going to be jealous and a bit upset that Blaine is basically perfect for Tony. Blaine is going to tell Kurt that he’s not going to read for Tony. However, Kurt will likely come to his senses and give Blaine his blessings to read for Tony. Blaine is obviously the perfect choice for this part – not just because he can pass as a leading man, but because Blaine is Tony. Have you seen West Side Story? Tony is the reformed gang member… he’s sweet and naive, and he’s completely in love with Maria even though they really barely know each other. He’s conflicted with his past in the gang, and he’s super conflicted when he kills Maria’s brother. Blaine (and what I have assumed in my head are his own personal conflicts about his relationship with his dad, etc…) is the perfect fit for this part. Kurt will realize that (I hope).

Other subplots of this episode belonged to Rachel and Finn. Rachel had a moment with her mom… they talked about how they will have to be in each other’s lives because Shelby is now a teacher at the school. (btw – she is only there b/c Sugar’s dad paid Figgins to make Shelby the teacher for a new glee club in the school… this will come more into play in upcoming episodes… as in, next week’s episode “Asian F“) The two of them sang an AMAZING rendition of “Somewhere.” Goosebumps. So many goosebumps.

Finn wasn’t in the episode much, but his story line will likely come into play more in upcoming episodes as he figures out who he is. Finn now works part time at Burt’s shop. Rachel tells him he should audition for the show because he’s talented. Finn says he doesn’t have time w/football and school. He also says that maybe he doesn’t want what Rachel wants (i.e. to go to musical theater college) and that maybe he’ll work for Burt. I expect Finn’s college/future plans will be a bigger plot point toward the middle/end of the season.

And that’s basically most of the episode. There was some Sue stuff and some minor other glee stuff. But, really, these plot lines were the meat of the episode. Next week, the rival glee clubs at McKinley will come more into play. As always, I look forward to the new episode.


In addition to Glee, I went and saw Moneyball today. Though I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, I LOVE baseball movies. This wasn’t a baseball movie, per se, but more of a movie about baseball. I dug it. It was about baseball and math… as in, forming a team based off of their stats as opposed to their surface skill level.

I have tomorrow off… I expect to apply for some jobs and help my mom bake a cake.

I am super tired now (and have a huge headache), so I’m gonna read a bit and head to bed

Have a good one!

Yep, I am a happy camper, and I even had to go to work all day.

Why am I so happy, you ask?


The trip is still months away, but we’re planning for it like whoa. See, remember how I said I got a ticket to see H2$ in the middle of January? Well, last night I bought another ticket to go see it on an earlier date (opening night of Darren Criss’s 3-week run, to be exact) so I could go see it with a ginormous group of friends. (I had bought my other ticket well before I met any of these people… alas.)

So, now we’re all making plans to see the show and spend some time in the city together 🙂 NYC is my favorite city ever… so the fact that I’ll get to be there for NYE with some of my most favorite people *and* see Darren’s broadway debut is just icing on the most amazing cake of all time.

I could barely sleep last night, I was so excited. (These new travel plans just started to become a reality at 12:30 am… which is exactly about the same time my impromptu decision to initiate a road trip to Chicago to see Darren in concert happened. So, I take that as the best sign ever.) I booked my flight this afternoon. I am so friggin’ excited. But, the thing that I’m most happy about is that the people I’m going with are super glad that I decided to change my mind and go with the group instead of by myself a few weeks later.

That probably sounds really dumb, but it’s the truth. *shrug*

Well, DWTS just started and I’m bouts to watch it with my mom 🙂

I have 2 days off… gonna go see Moneyball and apply for jobs. Woot

Have a good one

Right now I’m sitting in front of the fireplace watching 60 Minutes. Presently, there is a story about a kid who shot his dad. The dad was a Nazi. This story takes place in modern times, not WWII… so, yeah. Yikes. Now they are talking about a White Supremacy Group that wants this country to be only white people. Also Yikes. I cannot understand this kind of intolerance toward other races. I am continually thankful that I was raised in a household that tolerated all races and religions.

I’m only watching this show right now because Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be on soon, and they will likely be talking about South Park and The Book of Mormon. I’ve only seen a few episodes of South Park (though I am well aware of the show and its popularity), but I am a big fan of The Book of Mormon. I know the soundtrack backwards and frontwards, and have seen bits and pieces of it here and there.

Then after 60 Minutes is The Amazing Race!!!! My sister got me hooked on this show and my mom and I have continued to watch it since I moved in here. Though sometimes the bickering between teams gets on my nerves a bit, I do appreciate the travel aspect of the show, as well as the problem solving parts. This show really encompasses a lot of skills – problem solving, communication, recall/recognition, tolerance, patience. It’s highly entertaining. And I like the host a lot 🙂 (Phil!!)

Today was mostly uneventful. I slept in until 9:30 (woot), then had breakfast and threw in some laundry. I applied for some jobs while I watched West Side Story. I have seen this movie dozens of times by now, but I still love it. The prologue, “Dance at the Gym“, “America” and “Cool” sequences are some of my favorite movie dance sequences of all time.

I am not a dancer, nor do I pretend that I am any good at it. (I like to think I have rhythm and a decent understanding or choreography, but I wouldn’t gloat about any of that because I know I’m not that great.) However, I do love dance and appreciate when it’s done well. So, in addition to West Side Story, I have several other dance-based films in my DVD collection including Singin’ in the Rain, Strictly Ballroom and Center Stage (among others).

What else did I do today?? Um, I watched some Mad Men and football. And played some Yahtzee with my mom.

I have work tomorrow, but then a couple days off (in which I will be seeing Moneyball – woot!).

Oh, I guess the only other awesome thing was the Season Premiere of Saturday Night Live last night. It was, in a word, hilarious.

Maybe it was because I was super tired and ready to laugh at anything, but on more than several occasions during the show, I laughed so hard that tears were welling up and almost streaming down my cheeks. Host Alec Baldwin (his 16th time – a show record) completely owned that show, with great support from Taran Killam, Kristen Wiig and Seth Meyers (among others). Alec Baldwin brought back his recurring Tony Bennett impression, which had me in stitches during Weekend Update. There was no digital short, but the cold open was amazing (GOP Debate 7 or 8). Also, Seth Rogen and Steve Martin’s appearances during the monologue were much appreciated and very, very funny. The Top Gun auditions were PRICELESS. Melissa McCarthy (from Gilmore Girls, Bridesmaids and recent Emmy winner for Mike & Molly) is hosting next week… I can’t wait!

Well… The Amazing Race is almost on (btw – the Matt Parker/Trey Stone interview on 60 Minutes was excellent)

Have a good one!

I had to work all day, so it totally did not feel like Saturday. Work went all right. Luckily we were super busy because that always makes the day go by faster. I was also not by myself at all today, which was nice. I like having other colleagues around to talk to/ask questions.

I felt bad, though, because just as I was leaving work, one of my colleagues was getting completely reamed out by a customer. The customer was cursing at her and raising his voice and yelling at her for something that she was not responsible for in the slightest. She was handling herself like a pro and stood her ground. But, boy, was the customer super rude – even in my maddest state, I have never used that kind of language or yelled that loud at someone else. He was very much in the wrong and should not have been so rude to her 😦

I got home and was worn out. I watched a couple episodes of Mad Men and then caught up on some computer stuff. I have tomorrow off, so I’ll fill out some job applications and do some laundry.

Right now, though, I’m going to find some blankets, curl up in the recliner with Moose and watch some Netflix before SNL starts at 10:30. (God Bless Central Time for this very reason)

It’s the season premiere and Alec Baldwin is hosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, hopefully it’ll be amazing 🙂

Well… I’m off!

Have a good one

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