First day of September and it was, like, 94 degrees and muggy here in MN. Not cool – literally. However, I’m sure it’ll be snowing or at least darn close to it by the month’s end.

Since it was so gross out today, my mom and I did end up going to the movies to see The Debt.

If you like espionage thrillers with amazing ensembles, then this movie is for you. My mom and my biggest complaint on the way out of the theater was that Ciaran Hinds (1997 David) and Tom Wilkinson (1997 Stefan) should have played each other’s roles because Hinds looks more like an older version of Marton Csokas (1966 Stefan) and Wilkinson kind of looks more like an older version of Sam Worthington (1966 David). *shrug*

(tangent – my mom and I are watching TV right now and there was a commercial with Alec Baldwin on it. My mom said, “I can’t believe he’s dating a 27-year-old.” To which 27-year-old me replied, “*I’d* date Alec Baldwin.” My mom laughed at me and told me I needed to become a yoga instructor.)

Back to The Debt

So, good movie. I thought the plot was really intriguing and I liked seeing how things that played out in 1966 really impacted what happened to the same characters in 1997. Helen Mirren (as 1997 Rachel) and Jessica Chastain (1966 Rachel) gave really strong performances. On a whole, Helen Mirren can do no wrong. I respect her so much… she really is an amazing and talented lady.

However, my favorite performance in this film was from Sam Worthington. Besides the unarguable fact that Worthington is beyond handsome (I mean, day-yum), he is first and foremost and very, very talented actor. Though he has shown himself very, very capable as an action star (Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans), it’s his quieter, more vulnerable moments in The Debt that I found most intense and heart-breaking. I won’t spoil the movie for anyone, but there are more than a fair few moments when Worthington’s David isn’t verbally saying anything, but a hand gesture, a look, or a quick smile speaks volumes and you know exactly what that character is thinking/feeling.

Worthington reminds me a lot of Russell Crowe, in that both of them have a presence that at first seems a bit gruff, but both are extremely capable of harnessing in all of that and instead coming across as a gentle soul. I’d like to liken Worthington’s performance in The Debt to Crowe’s performance in L.A. Confidential… both David (Worthington) and Bud White (Crowe) are capable of beating someone to death if need be, but they are actually really gentle and vulnerable men. And I dig that 🙂

Really, going to the movies was all I did today besides check email, lose at ping pong and fall asleep on the couch after dinner. (I’m still not sleeping well, so I guess getting some sleep when I can is okay.) My leg is still feeling warm every now and then… that’s so annoying.

So, we’re watching Bones. I’ve seen every episode of this show at least once… mostly I’m watching tonight to see if they’ll air the new Glee promo.


Last night, a new Glee promo aired and the Internet (well, the tumblr accounts I read on a daily basis) exploded because there are two small bits of Blaine (Darren Criss) in non-Dalton clothes, singing and dancing. In one bit, Blaine is wearing a (tight) purple polo and bow tie, singing and dancing with the New Directions kids on the stage. In the second bit, he’s in a black shirt and red pants, singing and dancing among a group of Cheerios on the school steps where he sang SOWK last season.

Now, I want Blaine to be at McKinley like whoa. But, I want it to be done properly… and I think we need to see him start the episode at Dalton and end up at McKinley by the end. I have a hunch, or at least in my headcanon, that the clip of Blaine singing with the Cheerios is part of a dream sequence. Kurt is either dreaming-dreaming or daydreaming about his boyfriend being at McKinley/singing to him. (It’s rumored that Blaine will be singing Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” during this episode.) Throughout the episode, I want Blaine and Kurt to have a conversation about Blaine transferring (blah blah blah) and then, at the very endish of the episode, Blaine transfers to McKinley in time to join the New Directions in their final group number.


So… I’m gonna go watch Bones and read the latest EW (Fall TV Preview!!)

I have to work the next couple days, but only half-days, so that shouldn’t be horrible 🙂

Have a good one!