*heavy sigh*

I worked this morning. On the drive over, I listened to The Book of Mormon and put myself into a good mood by (1) singing really loudly and (2) reminding myself that I have a ticket to see Darren Criss on Broadway in a few months. I was in a happy place. Broadway is my happy place.

I got to work and it started out all right. One of my favorite colleagues was working at the same time, so that made things a bit better. I was pretty busy so time was going by quickly.

And then things went back to how they usually go – I was the only one in my work area and it got busy. I was trying to help who I could; spending extra time with one customer in particular because that customer needed help picking out something. And then, after about 30-40 minutes, he walked away without buying anything. I was okay with him not getting anything, but I was a bit peeved that he kept me from helping other people when there were a lot of people who needed help and only one of me.

I also missed out on my paid break again because of this customer. I really need to talk to my manager about this… she’s never in, though, when I need to talk to her. I had a whole list of stuff I needed to talk with her about the other day and I got to part of it, but nothing got done about any of it.

And so by time I got out of work (which was late, because there was a huge line in my work area and I didn’t want to leave my colleague in a lurch), I was hungry, tired, and dehydrated. I belted StarKid songs the whole way home, in between gulping down warm water and yelling at other cars to get out of my way or I would eat them.

Once at home, I settled down after a slice of pizza and something cold to drink. I kicked my mom’s ass in Yahtzee and then had a delightful phone conversation w/Robin 🙂 My parents and I went out for Mexican and now we’re watching Night Shift.

Have you ever seen Night Shift?

It’s the 1982 comedy starring Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton and Shelley Long… directed by Ron Howard.

It is quite funny. I’ve seen it once before, but I own the DVD and somehow this movie came up in conversation tonight, ergo we decided to watch it.

I appreciate a good comedy. Laughing is always a good thing around here.

I am yawning, though, so I think I should probably stop typing and finish watching the movie so that I can go to bed once it’s done.

I work tomorrow, but then have Sunday off – hooray!

Have a good one