Geez oh Pete, I am sleepy.

I had an epic post planned (caught part of King Kong – 1976 version – on TV which got me thinking about how much I love Jeff Bridges, which got me thinking to how much I love certain actors, which got me thinking about my favorite movie characters…), but I will do that at another time. I am way too tired to be typing right now.

I had work this morning and it actually went okay. I tried to talk to my manager, but we both were super busy so of course nothing got accomplished in that regard. However, I kept busy (I was the only one in my work area and it was super crazy busy today), helped a bunch of people, made my sales goal in less than 2 hours of my 4 1/2 hour shift, AND someone actually covered my work area so I could take my break today! It was a friggin’ Christmas miracle.

I got home from work and played Yahtzee and ping pong w/my mom, then helped my parents make dinner, then played more ping pong and Yahtzee w/my mom. After one episode of Arrested Development, I had to call it quits because my eyes are drooping at an increasing rate.

I have off from work tomorrow, but I need to do laundry and clean a bit. I hate to say this, but I think I will need to unpack some of my winter clothes. That makes me sad – I had packed them all up thinking I was going to be out of here by time the cold weather hit. I’m not giving up on that goal, though. I will be applying for more jobs tomorrow. It’s gonna happen!!

Well, off to bed…

Have a good one