Happy Labor Day, y’all.

I am bonkers tired so this will be short-ish.

I was supposed to work from 8:45-3:45, but it ended up being more along the lines of 8:35-4:15 because we were busy. Very busy. So busy I didn’t get to take my lunch break until about an hour and a quarter before I was supposed to leave. I didn’t get my paid 15 minute break, of course. The only reason I got to take a lunch break was because we get in trouble if we don’t. Funny… they force us to take our unpaid breaks, but they couldn’t care less that we don’t get our paid break. I need to look into this, but I’m fairly sure there has got to be some sort of labor law saying that paid breaks are mandatory. As my manager was not in today, I could not address this issue with her. Perhaps she’ll be in tomorrow. This is all just a lot ridiculous and I, for one, am really tired of working my ass off making just slightly better than minimum wage and not getting even 5 minutes to myself during a long shift.

Sorry, I needed to vent. It was a long day. At least I got pay-and-a-half, though (I think).

Right now I’m watching some HIMYM reruns, but then I think I’m gonna read and go to sleep. I love sleep.

I work tomorrow, but only 4 1/2 hours instead of 7 1/2. Woot woot. And it’s Glee-rerun Tuesday. Triple woot woot.


Have a good one