As I start to type this, I’m waiting for tonight’s Glee-rerun to start (“Funeral”). I’ll stop typing and watch the show, but then finish this post when it’s over…

… for those who know me best, I refuse to multitask during Glee. I’ll read during commercials, but I won’t do anything but watch the show during the show. This also applies to movies at the movie theater (I won’t eat snacks during a movie, as my full attention needs to be on the screen) and other TV programs that I *really* like (30 Rock, Dexter, Community, Parks & Rec, etc…).

Okay… Glee is over now and I’m watching America’s Got Talent. I can blog during this show because I only care about iLuminate (sp?).


When I logged back on, I saw that today’s blog views jumped from 10 to 80+ within the hour … it’s because of the post I did about “Funeral” the first time it aired. You can read that HERE.

Tonight was only my second time watching this episode (not gonna lie… since it doesn’t have Blaine or Burt in it, I didn’t buy it on iTunes or rewatch it…)

However, I really like this episode. It’s super sad, of course, but this is one of the few episodes in Season Two where I actually like Finn and think that he makes good choices throughout the whole episode (minus the part where he tries to tell Quinn he loves her right after he breaks up with her…).

To be honest, though, I still don’t like Kurt’s performance of “Some People.” He did so amazing on “Rose’s Turn” in Season One that this pales in comparison. I still don’t like his outfit. I still don’t like his choreography. And it pains me to type that because Kurt is my favorite character and I usually think he’s all sorts of fabulous… but I just can’t appreciate his “Some People” number. Sorry. Other than that few minutes, though, Kurt is all sorts of awesome in this episode. I liked that the writers let Kurt have a non-Blaine story line right after the prom episode. (Yeah, you read that right… I liked a non-Blaine story line. And you all know how much I love Blaine… πŸ˜‰ ) Kurt is more than his relationship with Blaine. This episode let him draw on the passing of his mother to sympathize with Sue. This episode also showed a bit of the Kurt/Finn brother relationship. I hope more of that is written into Season 3.

However, my favorite parts of the episode were (1) Rachel singing “My Man” (dear Lord, I love this song… here’s the Barbra version from “Funny Girl” – ugh, amazing!) and (2) Sue’s speech about her sister. I wish Sue would have made it through the whole thing instead of Mr. Schue taking over part way through. The whole bit about the tether is really powerful.

Two weeks until new Glee. I can make it. WE can make it. Season Two comes out on DVD next Tuesday (September 13th)… I already have Volume One, but I’ll be driving to Target bright and early that day to pick up Volume Two. That’ll keep me busy until the 20th…

Enough Glee (for now)…

I did go to work today. I only worked until 2. Work was pretty dead after the craziness that was yesterday. I actually got to take my break today because work was so dead. It’s kinda funny that on days where there is nothing to do, they make sure we get our break. But on days when we’re crazy busy and are in dire need of a break, no one gets one. A colleague and I were comparing stories from yesterday. We both agreed how we were dizzy, dehydrated and ready to snap at people because we weren’t given any sort of break for the first 5-6 hours of our 7 hour shifts. My manager was not in again today, but this is something I will be discussing with her when I get the opportunity.

I work tomorrow. There is going to be a visit from some higher ups. I’ll be in a work area I normally don’t work in, so I hope no one “important” will ask me area-specific questions.

Well… I’m off to read.

Have a good one!