Seriously, this will be short and sweet because nothing remotely interesting or awesome happened today.

I worked until 3… and my work area did not have any music, so I sang to myself when I wasn’t helping anyone. Work wasn’t busy, but I still had an astronomical sales goal. My manager at least acknowledged this when she came by to go over my numbers from a couple weeks ago. (For as good as I am at my job, my numbers do not reflect it in the slightest, which sucks, but there’s honestly nothing I can do about that unless I stole my colleagues customers… which I won’t do because that’s wrong. Obviously.)

After I got through my “what I need to do to get better numbers” schpeal, I addressed some stuff with my manager that was long overdue. I told her about how the people in our work area rarely get the breaks they are supposed to have. I let her know about how on super busy days – the days where breaks would be most welcome/beneficial – we rarely get breaks, and when we do, they are so close to when we are supposed to leave that they are almost useless. I let her know that several colleagues and I had 7+ hour shifts the other day and none of us got our paid break, and we were only able to go on our lunch break 6 hours into our shift. By that point, we were dizzy, thirsty and ready to snap at our customers. We didn’t snap, though, because that’s unprofessional, but it takes a lot of effort and patience to keep a smile on your face when you feel like you are going to pass out.

So, hopefully the talk with my manager was effective. I think she got a little peak into what I was talking about when 30 minutes before the end of my shift she asked if a colleague from upstairs came down to give me a break. I told her that the colleague she mentioned did not, but how another colleague from my work area did about an hour earlier. The ladies in my work area look out for each other 🙂

After work I drove home and played some Yahtzee and ping pong w/my mom. Job hunt will recommence tomorrow and all weekend. I hope to get at least 20 more applications filled out… I can do this!

Well… I’m off to finish watching Modern Family reruns and then read some. I have work tomorrow and then a few days off – woot.

Have a good one