Right now I’m watching Nadal vs. Murray and Nadal is up 2 sets to 1, and it up 4-2 in the fourth set. This is a phenomenal game… just some great, great tennis. I missed Federer’s game earlier, but I know he lost 😦

I’m rooting for Nadal, but honestly either guy is deserving to go to the finals. Murray is totally shouting at himself right now. Poor guy

A majority of the reason why I love watching tennis is for John McEnroe’s commentary. I f-ing love John McEnroe.

You cannot be serious!

Remember when he had a talk show? It only lasted 22 episodes, but I totally watched all of them. He’s really knowledgeable about tennis and has a great voice for commentating.

(And Nadal just totally won… what a match! Time for some women’s tennis…)

My mom, dad and I played some tennis today after dinner. We don’t play well by any means, but we are capable of volleying the ball back and forth a few times before someone mashes one into the net or launches one high into the sky, well over the other person’s head. I hadn’t played in a few months. I mean, my mom and I play ping pong almost every day, multiple times a day at that. But tennis is way different than ping pong with the amount of running around that actually goes down. For not playing in a few months, I thought we actually did pretty well. I need to work on my backhand. Like whoa.

All in all, I had a fairly productive day. I slept in until 9:30 (awesome) and then threw in some laundry. I watched some Glee during breakfast (“Never Been Kissed” episode… because the “Teenage Dream” is so far still my favorite Glee performance of all time. I’m hoping something in Season 3 will top that, but for right now, it’s “Teenage Dream” forever and always. That song means so much more to me all the songs performed on that show thus far. It’s the song that introduced us to Blaine. It’s the song that made me Google Darren Criss. Googling Darren Criss led me to StarKid and Darren’s solo music projects. StarKid and finding out more about Darren ultimately led me to joining the Darren Criss Street Team. Joining the Street Team brought me to Chicago to partake in the Darren Criss Street Team Flash Mob. That Chicago trip and Flash Mob allowed me to not only attend Darren’s concert where I heard him sing “Teenage Dream” live [during which his phone went off… hilarious], but meet Darren himself, as well as befriend some of the most amazing people who have since become my dysfunctional online family. So yeah… “Teenage Dream” means a lot to me 🙂 )

After some Glee, I job hunted for awhile and sent in some more applications. I played with the dogs for a bit, and then I played some Dance on Broadway. I only made it through a few songs because my parents came home and I realized it was almost 1:30 and I hadn’t had lunch.

This afternoon I played some ping pong, sent out more job applications and then helped make dinner. Then after dinner was tennis and now watching tennis. Tomorrow will bring more job applications and likely more ping pong and/or tennis.

So, I’m gonna wrap this up and watch some more tennis and read. Tomorrow is 9/11. I expect to watch some stuff on TV regarding the 10 year anniversary of this catastrophic and horrific moment in American History. It’s still really hard for me to watch footage from that day, but I feel obligated to because it’s important to remember what happened. It’s important to honor the people who died, were injured, or lost loved ones on that day. I pray to whoever is up there that nothing bad happens tomorrow.

Have a good one