Did you watch that game?!?!?! That was some amazing tennis. I was cheering on Nadal, especially after he came back in the 3rd set to push them into a fourth… but then it seemed like his legs just gave out on him. I can’t imagine playing tennis for that long without any sort of proper break. I mean, I know they are professional tennis players and are used to just playing and playing and playing, but still… what a Final. It was way more engaging than the Women’s Finals, that’s for sure.

Besides watching tennis, I did have to go to work today. When I got in, my whole work area was moved around because they are setting up the place for Christmas. (Too early, I know… too early.) So, I had to walk around a few times to make sure I knew where everything was.

It was a fairly slow day, people-wise, but work still managed to go by quickly.

Part of my job is to answer phone calls and help find stuff for whoever is on the other end of the line. Today, someone called and I would have sworn on a Bible that she asked if we had “black people clothes.” My eyebrows shot up and I asked, “Pardon?” She repeated herself, and then I had to make her repeat herself a few more times until I finally figured out that she said, “black tablecloths.” Whoops…

I have sorta bad hearing. I used to get ear infections all the time when I was little and I’ve never had the best track record at hearing. In middle school, I got in trouble because a teacher was calling my name as I walked down the hallway, but I didn’t hear her, so she wrote me up for being insubordinate. If someone is walking in front of me, but still talking to me, I can’t hear what they are saying. I do best when I am facing the person who is talking to me. Extra bonus points if I can see his/her mouth move while he/she talks. I’m not deaf; I just have trouble hearing sometimes. *shrug*

After work I did some work on my computer. I still have to finish an article I started writing yesterday, but I will do that tomorrow on my day off because I think I have to rewrite some of it.

In addition to working on my article, I’ll apply for more jobs and make a Target run for Glee DVDs 🙂

Well… I should go. I’m tired and I should read some before I go to sleep.

Have a good one!