First thing’s first… right after I got up, ate breakfast and got dressed, I drove to Target to pick up Glee Season Two Volume Two. This might sound odd, but I feel a small sense of relief knowing if I want to watch episodes from Season Two, I can watch them on something other than my iPod or computer. DVDs are my drug of choice…

I spent the rest of the morning job hunting and then played a few games of ping pong with my mom (after 2 hours of sitting behind a computer, exercise is a good thing). This is how I spent my afternoon as well.

I liken job hunting to running through a gauntlet because it’s emotionally and physically taxing. I say it’s physically taxing because sometimes I get so worked up that I haven’t found a job yet that I can’t sleep at night. I say it’s emotionally taxing because hopes get raised and then either nothing happens or I get a No.

Although this is entirely frustrating, I keep telling myself that I will find something that is a good fit for me.

I had a really great rejection experience today. I applied for a writing position with a fashion-related entity in NYC. I heard back within an hour from the woman who was fielding applications and she suggested that it might be easier for me to relocate somewhere and then try to land an internship. She also told me that I should not hesitate to contact her in the future. SO, even though kinda told me something I have already been thinking to myself for a long while (that I need to move and then find a job), I thought it was really kind of her to say that I could contact her again. The writing position would have been incredible (most people don’t know this, but I am a huge fan of fashion… I may not dress the part, but I have a whole folder of fashion sites that I frequent to just stare at the handbags and dresses…), but it just wasn’t meant to be. At least right now ๐Ÿ™‚

I will send out more job applications this week, of course.

In addition to applying for jobs, it was Glee (rerun) Tuesday. Tonight’s rerun was “New York” – the Season Two finale.

I wrote a blog post about it the first time it aired. You can read about that HERE.

TO be honest, “New York” is one of my least favorite episodes of Glee. I was not a huge fan of all of the original songs (call me crazy, but I love covers). However, even though I am not a huge fan of this episode in general, I do really enjoy two scenes:

1. Kurt and Rachel singing “For Good” on the Wicked stage. That song is just so beautiful… and I think it perfectly represents the progression of Kurt and Rachel’s friendship. They used to be kinda at each other’s throats, but I think that since they both want to be performers (and because they are still both outsiders), I think they realize it’s more beneficial for them to work together… and I think in Season 3 they will actually be really great friends.

2. Kurt and Blaine in the Lima Bean. While the continuity errors of the position of Blaine’s hand on his cheek bugs the hell out of me, I love Klaine moments. And I love that Blaine was the first one to say “I Love You.” I was watching this episode with my parents tonight (who hadn’t seen it) and after Blaine said “I Love You,” even my dad said, “Wow.” I can’t wait to see Kurt and Blaine together in Season 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are two of the best things to happen to that show, for reals.

Well… I’m gonna go read and then sleep. I have to go to work tomorrow… it should go quickly b/c we’re having a bit of an event.

Have a good one!