I honestly was going to skip Survivor this season. But it’s on. I’m watching it. Ozzy and Coach are back. Russell’s nephew is on. There’s already a lady with crazy eyes (the english professor on the red team). Ozzy needs to stop having heart eyes for the spoken word artist girl. The red team needs to friggin’ build their shelter already. I shouldn’t be so invested in this show already, but I am. I blame Jeff Probst because I love him so… (He’s one of, if not the best host on a reality show on television these days.)

Red team needs to pull their shit together… that’s all I’ll say at this juncture.

It’s been an odd day.

I worked from 9:45-1:45. I thought it was going to be busy-ish, but it wasn’t. I’ve been working there for almost a year now (epic cringe), so my newer-ish colleagues who are in my age bracket sometimes turn to me (instead of more senior members of our team) to help answer their questions when the higher ups just assume we all know everything about everything that’s going on. Today I fielded questions, showed someone how to add more money to a cash register, found a missing parcel, explained how several of our business’s promotions work and benefit our consumers, covered someone on their break, requested some supplies from higher ups, answered questions over the phone, and fielded product questions from consumers. Did I meet my sales goal? No. Did I have any customers thank me for outstanding service? Yes… 5 or 6 of them. Will my manager care about the latter? Probably not. However, in a customer service-oriented business, I know I am doing my job well.

I drove home after work, singing StarKid songs at the top of my lungs. Back at home I took a break with my mom and then hopped online to check some emails and whatnot. Good news – I got asked to come in for a job interview this week. Bad news – it’s many, many states away. I am still going back and forth with the person who wants to interview me to see if I can get him to do a phone interview. I honestly can’t afford to spend hundreds (a thousand?) dollars on travel and accommodations to New York for something that isn’t a sure thing. Soooooooo… we’ll see how that goes. I’ll hopefully have an update tomorrow.

My mom and I made pancakes and watched Glee (“Silly Love Songs” … god, my Klaine-loving heart loves that episode.) Then we played ping pong and got sucked into Survivor. We watched the last few minutes of America’s Got Talent (yay for the crooner guy!) and now we have Up All Night on, though so far it’s lame. And I love Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph… oh well.

Well, I’m gonna go read and sleep…

Have a good one