I’m obviously not from around here. See… where I come from, if it’s in the 30s and 40s, you dress for the weather. So, when I went out today, I had on jeans, a puffy vest and boots. Then, while I was out, I saw a little kid (she was probably 4 or 5) and she was wearing shorts and flip flops. Her mom (guardian?) was wearing yoga pants and a hoodie, but the little kid was in shorts. And flip flops. Buh-what?!

I had a non-productive productive day. I ran some errands with my mom. Then we went and saw Our Idiot Brother. It was actually pretty good… great ensemble (Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors of all time, and j’adore Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Adam Scott, Emily Mortimer, Rashida Jones, etc…), decent story, brilliant wardrobe (Paul Rudd’s sweaters and shorts were priceless). We almost saw Warrior, but because that’ll be in theaters for awhile longer, I convinced my mom to see Our Idiot Brother. She liked it too, so that was good 🙂

After the movie, we came home and my mom did chores outside while I checked emails and whatnot. I hoped to have an update about that potential job interview… and I have a phone interview tomorrow! I’m super nervous, of course. But I’m going to do some research and write out some stuff tonight and tomorrow… some questions I have about the position. Things I think I would bring to the table. Etc… So, hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have another update post-interview.

My mom and I made english muffin pizzas for dinner… something we used to do when my siblings and I were little. It was fun and we had a good laugh. We watched some Glee with dinner (“Original Song”… one of my favorite episodes of the show ever. Fun fact – today is the 6-month anniversary of that episode… Happy 6-months to you, Klaine 😉 ). We played some ping pong and now we’re watching Bones reruns.

I have work the next couple days and that phone interview tomorrow. I’m very much looking forward to the Emmys on Sunday (awards shows make my word go ’round). And yeah… That’s about all.

Have a good one!