Since I was super nervous about my phone interview today, I did not sleep soundly last night. *shrug* That was to be expected, so I wasn’t surprised when I tossed and turned like Lionel Richie sang, “All Night Long.”

This morning I watched an episode of Glee during breakfast (“Night of Neglect”)… I forgot how much I love the Glee version of “Turning Tables.” Anything by Adele is just automatically awesome… even when it’s sung by Gwenyth Paltrow.

After breakfast I got online to see if the Glee songs for next week’s season premiere were up yet (It’s First Listen Friday, y’all!)… and they WERE!!! This is where you can go to find them, if you want to be spoiled. I won’t list what songs are being sung or who sings them, but I’ve listened to them all multiple times and I am friggin’ PUMPED for all of the performances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did some online research and showered and got more and more nervous for my interview.

The interview happened at 1:00. I answered the questions to the best of my ability and asked what I thought were good questions. I think I would be an asset to the organization I interviewed for, but only time will tell if I am offered the position. But… worst case scenario… at least I got an interview! That’s a sign that someone believed in me and my skills enough to ask me more about my skills and myself. Right??? 🙂

After my interview I had to go to work. Work was okay… it was busy. I helped a bunch of people. I did double my sales goal, so hopefully that’ll help with my numbers in the coming weeks.

Now I’m back at home, sitting next to my Moose and watching the “Born This Way” episode of Glee. (I love Glee, okay?)

I have to work tomorrow afternoon, but that should go quickly too since we should be busy again. And I think I get to work with one of my friends, so that’ll be nice 🙂 Sunday is the Emmys, so that’ll be nice too.

Have a good one!