Yep – my sister is engaged. Yay for her 🙂 No date is set or anything, as I don’t think they are in a rush since they are both still in school, but yay for her and her fiance 🙂

I wish I had exciting news about myself but I really don’t. Well, I did get a freelance writing gig that has to do with movies, so that’ll be fun… I have to submit my first assignment in by the 26th. Since I have off the next couple days, I’ll work on it Monday.

I had to work all afternoon. It went kinda quick… I was busy, but mostly because I was by myself for half of my shift and I was constantly being rushed from person to person to see what I could do to assist. I made my sales goal, thankfully, so hopefully my numbers for this week will be okay. That’s not what I’m most focused on, though (even though I’m sure some higher ups would argue against that). Since it is a Customer Service position, I really try to make sure I am doing all that I can to make sure the Customer is happy. And today was extra good in that area because everyone was super happy and thankful for my help and not one person walked away without everything they wanted/needed. So, that was good.

Shifting to another area of Customer Service for a second… and this (sadly) has been on my mind for most of the day. BUT, I figure this is as good a place as any to vent a bit about what I feel is poor Customer Service. Here goes – I don’t think that the people who are in charge of marketing and products for Glee really care much about their customers.

I posted awhile back how disappointed I was with the Wii Glee Karaoke Volume II and how there were only 20 songs on the game and how most of the awesome songs from the second half of season one were not included. I also posted awhile back how the Glee 3D movie really did not live up to its potential.

Now, I would like to vent for a little bit about the Glee Season Two Volume Two DVD set.

I love the Glee Music Jukebox on each disc. I love how there is an option to watch all of the music performances from the episodes on each disc. That gets a bit thumbs up from me.

However, I do not think that the bonus material included on the fourth disc is all that great. There were a few things that were okay… The BTS from the “New York” episode was good… I like getting to see how they shoot stuff and hear the casts opinions about the shoot. I thought the “Guesting On Glee” video was good too.

BUT, I was not pleased with the Sue and Santana montages of all of their stupid insults to other characters. That’s not new material. Know what else wasn’t new material? The “Stevie Nicks Does Glee” bit. This was already made available months ago on youtube. For once, I would love to see some interviews or Behind the Scenes footage from the whole season that I haven’t seen before. There was so much potential for interesting and informative material as bonus features… why couldn’t we get deleted scenes, or a gag reel, or commentary, or how about some information about the Warblers???? But no… instead we get a little video about how the auditorium set got built.


Just sayin’… I think there was potential to have really awesome extras on the Glee DVDs. And once again, the people in charge of selecting material for the DVDs let us down with their utter lack of creativity and understanding of what fans want to see.

(End rant)

Well, I am tired… so I am going to read 🙂

Emmys tomorrow night!!!!!!

Have a good one!