Yep, I said (well, wrote) it… the Emmys were super boring. So, this post won’t be epically long b/c I am sleepy and would like to get to bed already.

I woke up at 6 this morning for some reason (not cool on my day off…) and did some laundry before I finally dragged myself upstairs around 7:30. I signed up for Netflix b/c I need it to do a freelance assignment I’ll be working on, so I watched one and a half episodes of Mad Men from Season 4 (God, I missed this show so much… it’s such a soap opera, but I still dig it immensely).

I played some ping pong and Yahtzee with my mom, then this afternoon I actually took a nap b/c I was so worn out from not sleeping last night. After some much-needed rest, I baked some Banana-Chocolate Chip monkey bread (baking relaxes me… even though while I was baking I was singing and dancing around the kitchen to The Book of Mormon and Glee…).

Then, it was time for the red carpet. Since we don’t have cable, I was stuck just watching all of Fox’s coverage. Since Glee is on Fox, I assumed they would interview a bunch of Glee people or at least show them on the red carpet or indoors at the ceremony. NOPE. I spent the entire red carpet looking at all the ant-sized people in the background trying to see if they would show Darren Criss. (They didn’t… but he was totally there. Check out his 360 glam cam video… he always does a funny pose. Tonight was no exception. 🙂 )

The Emmys kinda sucked. I was super happy for Modern Family and Mildred Pierce and Friday Night Lights and Mad Men, but on a whole, that was one of the most boring telecasts ever. The only couple saving graces were the Best Lead Actress in a Comedy bit (where all the nominees went up on stage like they were competing in a pageant) and when Lonely Island (plus some guests…) sang a medley of their songs. Michael Bolton FTW.

And yeah… boring telecast.

I’m so glad new TV starts up tomorrow night…

Well, I am yawning like you wouldn’t believe, so I’m gonna pack it in.

Have a good one