Right now I’m watching DWTS (even though I would rather be watching The Sing Off) and new Castle is next… I was in serious need of new fall TV. And it is here!!!!!

(Tomorrow is Glee Tuesday… I can barely contain my excitement for “The Purple Piano Project.” I have been listening to the songs over and over and over again. I will likely have an epic Glee post tomorrow night. You have been warned.)

Today was all sorts of something.

I was woken up at 8 am by the house phone ringing… it was my sister (but I wouldn’t find this out till a bit later when I finally dragged myself upstairs.)

While my parents went canoeing, I stayed home with the dogs and worked on my movie-watching/writing assignment. I got a later start than I wanted because our Blu ray player decided not to have any audio for about 30 minutes. After attempting to troubleshoot via Google, I ended up unplugging everything in our home entertainment system and replugging it all back in. That worked – thank goodness.

For my first movie assignment, I had to watch Iceman (1984). It was not a great movie by any means, but it did star Timothy Hutton. And those who know me best know that I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Timothy Hutton circa the whole of the 1980s (I first saw Ordinary People</em> when I was in high school… and I might have fallen in love with Conrad just a little bit.)

(btw – Billy Baldwin is in the audience for DWTS b/c his wife, Chynna Phillips is in this season’s cast. I love Baldwins… love. them.)

(also btw – how dumb is it that the couple who just danced have to run up a flight of stairs to get interviewed? Poor set design, yo.)

I played ping pong with my mom this afternoon and then helped get dinner ready. Then I had a not so awesome phone call with my sister. We’re fine. Miscommunication is not ideal.

And now I’m watching DWTS and Castle with my mom. I have work tomorrow, and then it’ll be time for GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Glee o’clock is my happy time. I will not answer my phone. I will not check email. I will not leave the room. Go ahead and judge, but that hour is my time.)

Well, I’m off to watch my shows and read during commercials.

Have a good one!