Hey there… it was Glee Tuesday. I will gush about it shortly

In addition to watching Glee, I did have to go to work today. It was pretty mundane, and I spent just about all of work thinking about Glee. (I mean, I totally helped people… but then when I wasn’t busy with them, I was thinking about Glee.)

So yeah… Glee Tuesday

“The Purple Piano Project” (btw – I will post links out to stuff soonish, I promise)

(SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the episode…)

I loved that the show opened with Jacob Ben Israel doing another video blog. They established right away that everyone in Glee is a senior except for Tina and Artie. Will and Emma are together. Mercedes has a new boyfriend. And everything seems well…

… except they’re not.

Quinn isn’t in the Glee club anymore. She’s hanging with a group of Skanks (that’s what they call themselves). Lauren isn’t in the club anymore – she dumped Puck and quit to save her reputation. Sue is running for public office and her new platform is Anti-Arts. However, Will & the New Directions are all for the Arts, of course. Conflict. Ya dig it?

I liked the idea of the Purple Piano Project… anytime the Glee kids saw one of the purple pianos around school, they’d have to sing a song. The Glee kids liked that, but Sue and some others did not.

There were several main storylines throughout the episode:

1. Get new kids in the Glee club since they are 3 kids short of a full club – Near the beginning of the episode, Kurt and Blaine were at the Lima Bean and Kurt was trying to convince Blaine that Blaine should transfer because he wants his senior year to be magical and that would involve getting to spend as much time as possible with Blaine. (Awwwwwwww… btw – how cute are they? SO CUTE!) Their story would be resolved later…

In the meantime, the kids sang “We Got the Beat” in the cafeteria to try and get more kids to join. Instead, an epic food fight ensued and then only kid that tried out, Sugar Motta, was horrible. Later in the show, Will told Sugar she couldn’t be in the Glee club. Don’t expect this to be the last we see of Sugar, though…

Rachel, Santana and Brittany all tried to get Quinn back in the club, but she wouldn’t budge. I don’t buy her bad-girl image one bit. But, a lot of Glee plot lines don’t make much logical sense, so I guess I’ll just have to go with it.

By the end of the episode, the Glee club had added one member, but kicked out another. Blaine did transfer to McKinley part way through the episode (Hello Darren Criss in “street clothes” and some yellow ray bans singing “It’s Not Unusual” with the Cheerios… god, I love how he dances like he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Darren-as-Blaine [and I would assume Darren-as-Darren] dances a bit maniacally and little bit like Carlton on Fresh Prince [which totes fit the song]… definitely some white-man’s overbite a la Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally…). Blaine was welcomed into New Directions right as Santana was kicked out for helping set fire to one of the purple pianos.

2. Kurt and Rachel are BFFs and are determined to get into a performing arts college in NYC

I am loving their friendship this season thus far (even though it’s just been one episode, I know). I like that Rachel and Kurt are so set on getting into a musical theater program and that they are determined to help each other do it.

Though I was not a huge fan of Kurt and Rachel’s little Wizard of Oz performance in their auditorium, I was a bit supporter of the Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do mashup performed by the rival musical theater kids. I have literally been listening to that song all week and belting it out like whoa. I was not a fan of Lindsay on The Glee Project, but even I cannot deny that her vocals were stunning.

One of my most favorite scenes of the whole show was Kurt and Rachel crying in her car after being shown up by those other musical theater kids. It was a nice reality check for their characters that there are other kids exactly like them all over… but it was also really nice for the two of them to instill so much confidence and belief in each other.

3. Sue vs. Will (of course)

I am so over all of the adult character related story lines on this show. Sue is trying to take down the Glee club/arts on a whole (of course). This makes Will mad (of course). So, Will glitter-bombs Sue (i.e. dumps a bucket of glitter on her head and youtubes it), but that just makes Sue’s poll numbers go up. Meh

But, even though people’s spirits were dashed by the end of the episode, all hope was not lost/gone. Kurt was over the moon that Blaine transfered (and I’m glad the writers let Blaine say that the transfer was for him so that he could spend time with Kurt and not Blaine just caving… Blaine and Kurt have a very mutual/respectful/loving relationship going on between them… I am really looking forward to seeing that dynamic continue/grow/evolve over this season. If the writers split them up, so help me God, I will probably kick my television in its television face.). Kurt decided he was going to run for class president. Rachel and the rest of the glee kids are down, but they are not out. And, I love love loved their final music performance of the week – “You Can’t Stop the Beat”

OMG, I love this song. And I am sooooooooo glad they cut out the Kurt/Artie duet part from the middle (listen to the full length song, and you’ll know what I’m talking about) because that was gonna be all sorts of awkward. I LOVE the part Mercedes rocked… it’s my favorite part of any version of this song. And I love love LOVED all the dancing. Again, Darren Criss will never cease to amaze me with his all-or-nothing dedication to performing. Blaine was all over that choreography – show face blazing, hips shaking, arms flailing… so friggin’ adorable. I cannot wait for more group performances 🙂

And that’s all I have to say for right now… I’m sure once I watch the episode again, I’ll have some more opinions. But, I am just super happy that Blaine transfered (even though I will miss the Warblers like whoa…). I am super happy that Darren Criss is a series regular and will be singing and dancing and Klaining it up weekly on my television. And I am super happy that new Glee is back!!

SUPER BIG SPOILER ABOUT AN UPCOMING GLEE EPISODE – So, I was poking around online and saw this article on TVLine that had spoilers for a bunch of shows… and one of the Glee Spoilers was (SPOILER LIKE WHOA) that Kurt and Karofsky have an awkward encounter at a gay bar. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? I cannot wait to see that story line unfold. I bet parents groups are going to have a friggin’ field day complaining about this…

(End Glee talk)

Well… I’m gonna go look at some blogs and see what everyone else thought about Glee… I bet I’ll see some amazing GIFs of Blaine dancing. Then I’m gonna read and then I’m gonna sleeeeeeeeeep!

I have off tomorrow, but I need to finish my movie writing thing I started yesterday.

Have a good one