This post is going to be about my love for West Side Story and a bunch of Glee spoilers and speculations for the upcoming episode “I Am Unicorn” (3×2)

You have been warned


So, today is friday, which means it was First Listen Friday and the Glee music website released the songs from the upcoming episode, “I Am Unicorn.”

As mentioned in the season premiere, Rachel requested the glee kids do West Side Story for their musical. So, it should be no surprise to anyone that two of the three songs for “I Am Unicorn” are from West Side Story…

Something’s Coming” – One can assume this is Blaine’s audition song, as it’s a Blaine solo and there has been a still released of Blaine singing up on stage (in high waters… again… seriously, Glee costume people, give the boy some pants). Regardless of what the situation on the show is, or what Blaine is wearing, this version of the song is brilliant. That last note is just wkfhlkjdhasfiulw.

Somewhere” – Rachel and Shelby (her biological mom) duet on this beautiful cover. I’m so, so, so, so thankful they opted to use a version of this song that most closely resembles Barbra Streisand’s version. (If you have never heard the Streisand version, click on this link and get ready to have your mind blown from amazingness.)

The third song, “I’m the Greatest Star,” which will be sung by Kurt is from the musical Funny Girl. Although I do enjoy that musical, I am more of a WSS kinda gal.

I am super happy that we get another Blaine solo this week. You know that I’m super biased when it comes to anything Darren Criss related…

However, I am getting really worried really fast that Blaine will have had 2 solos in 2 episodes and the more established characters/actors on the show haven’t had much to sing. Darren/Blaine got a lot of solos/leads last season… probably due to “Teenage Dream” being one of the biggest songs on that show ever, and the fact that Darren has a huge following now b/c of StarKid and his work on Glee. However, I think it would be a bit much this season if Blaine gets a solo in every show. As much as I love Blaine/Darren, I worry about overexposure for that character.

Also, and I have NO IDEA if this is true or not, but rumor has it that Blaine is only a junior. Even though that could mean that Blaine/Darren would potentially be on Glee for Season 4, I think that would be a HORRIBLE move, plot-wise. I want Blaine and Kurt to be in the same grade, not only so they can move to NYC and be fabulous together after graduation (*cough* spin off *cough*), but I want them to be in the same grade because if Blaine was a junior, that would take away a lot of what was established last season. From a plot-loving person’s point of view, they should be in the same grade (or honestly, Blaine should have been a year older) because he was Kurt’s “mentor” for part of last season. He was the one dispensing “Courage” and he was the one Kurt looked up to. I think it would take a bit away from the equality of their relationship if the Glee writers suddenly sprang on us that Blaine is a grade younger than Kurt. But that is totally just my opinion… But I have a hunch Blaine is a junior. I hope to Grilled Cheesus that I am wrong.

I just really would like the Glee writers to give us a bit more continuity than they usually give us… is that too much to ask?


So, as indicated in my blog post title, it’s been a West Side Story appreciation kinda day. I mean, I’ve listened to the Glee versions of “Something’s Coming” and “Somewhere” more times already than I can properly count.

But, on the drive to work, I listened to one of the Broadway soundtracks of West Side Story. I put the CD in, hit shuffle and drove. “Something’s Coming” came on first and I started grinning so hard because all I could think about was how we’re going to watch Darren sing this on Tuesday’s episode!!!!!!


So, anyway, West Side Story. I love this musical. I think the songs are brilliant. I think the choreography is brilliant. I think the Romeo & Juliet plot is brilliant and heartbreaking. West Side Story was one of the first stage musicals I ever saw (the high school put it on when I was in 8th grade… I saw it two or three times). I have seen the movie a bunch of times (of course I have the DVD…). Our high school marching band did a West Side Story show when I was in 11th grade. You’d think I would have been sick of that music after having played it everyday for four months, but no.

When I was younger, my sister and I would sing West Side Story songs all the time around the house. I would always have to sing Tony’s parts because I have a lower register than my sister. Our version of the “Tonight Quintet” was EPIC. I know there is a cassette tape of me somewhere singing “Something’s Coming” (dork alert – I used to record myself singing to musicals and pop songs).

As mentioned earlier, the Barbra Streisand version of “Somewhere” is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I listen to this song several times a week, usually while I’m brushing my teeth or my hair. I always stop mid-action and put the toothbrush or hairbrush up to my mouth like a microphone and just friggin’ belt the song like my life depended on this one performance. If I wanted, I probably could cry every time I sang this song (I can get myself worked up in a very short amount of time and can cry on command… were I a better actress or in the acting profession, I bet this would come in handy. As for right now, it’s just a parlor trick or a way to get in trouble with security at a mall…).

Besides Barbra’s version, the other version of this song that knocks me off my feet every time is Jennifer Hudson’s version from the “Movies Rock” special that was on a few years ago. Talk about jaw-dropping. Shit, son… just watch the clip below. If you aren’t emoting after that, then you have no soul.

Well… I’m gonna go read now. I have work all day tomorrow and then it’s a new SNL!! (Alec Baldwin is hosting – woot.) I have off Sunday, so I’ll have to do chores and job hunt.

Have a good one