I had to work all day, so it totally did not feel like Saturday. Work went all right. Luckily we were super busy because that always makes the day go by faster. I was also not by myself at all today, which was nice. I like having other colleagues around to talk to/ask questions.

I felt bad, though, because just as I was leaving work, one of my colleagues was getting completely reamed out by a customer. The customer was cursing at her and raising his voice and yelling at her for something that she was not responsible for in the slightest. She was handling herself like a pro and stood her ground. But, boy, was the customer super rude – even in my maddest state, I have never used that kind of language or yelled that loud at someone else. He was very much in the wrong and should not have been so rude to her 😦

I got home and was worn out. I watched a couple episodes of Mad Men and then caught up on some computer stuff. I have tomorrow off, so I’ll fill out some job applications and do some laundry.

Right now, though, I’m going to find some blankets, curl up in the recliner with Moose and watch some Netflix before SNL starts at 10:30. (God Bless Central Time for this very reason)

It’s the season premiere and Alec Baldwin is hosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, hopefully it’ll be amazing 🙂

Well… I’m off!

Have a good one