Yep, I am a happy camper, and I even had to go to work all day.

Why am I so happy, you ask?


The trip is still months away, but we’re planning for it like whoa. See, remember how I said I got a ticket to see H2$ in the middle of January? Well, last night I bought another ticket to go see it on an earlier date (opening night of Darren Criss’s 3-week run, to be exact) so I could go see it with a ginormous group of friends. (I had bought my other ticket well before I met any of these people… alas.)

So, now we’re all making plans to see the show and spend some time in the city together 🙂 NYC is my favorite city ever… so the fact that I’ll get to be there for NYE with some of my most favorite people *and* see Darren’s broadway debut is just icing on the most amazing cake of all time.

I could barely sleep last night, I was so excited. (These new travel plans just started to become a reality at 12:30 am… which is exactly about the same time my impromptu decision to initiate a road trip to Chicago to see Darren in concert happened. So, I take that as the best sign ever.) I booked my flight this afternoon. I am so friggin’ excited. But, the thing that I’m most happy about is that the people I’m going with are super glad that I decided to change my mind and go with the group instead of by myself a few weeks later.

That probably sounds really dumb, but it’s the truth. *shrug*

Well, DWTS just started and I’m bouts to watch it with my mom 🙂

I have 2 days off… gonna go see Moneyball and apply for jobs. Woot

Have a good one