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So, Glee Tuesday – “I Am Unicorn” – btw, i will link out to clips as soon as possible 🙂

(SPOILERS like WHOA if you haven’t seen the episode)

This week, there were two main plots revolving around Quinn and Kurt, and then a few subplots involving Rachel and Finn (kinda)

1. Quinn – So, at the start of the episode, Quinn is still with the Skanks. They are dunking some poor kid’s head in the toilet and taking her money. Sue finds them here after the toilet incident and talks to Quinn, wanting Quinn to help Sue with her anti-arts platform she’s using to run for political office. Quinn agrees and finds herself confronting Mr. Schue about how the glee club ruined her life. Mr. Schue stands up for himself and the glee club, telling Quinn that the glee club was the one group of people who completely supported Quinn throughout her pregnancy and whatnot. (Props to the writers for having Mr. Schue bring up how Mercedes let Quinn live at her house, but how Quinn never thanked her for that… yeah, remember when Mercedes and Quinn were kinda besties at the end of Season One? The whole of the fandom does, but characters on the show ever really addressed this.)

Besides butting heads with Mr. Schue, Quinn has another adult issue going on… with Shelby. (Yeah, Rachel’s mom is back. And remember that Quinn and Puck let Shelby adopt their baby at the end of Season One.) Shelby meets with Quinn and tells her that she wants Quinn to be in Beth’s life, but not in her present state. Puck wants to be in Beth’s life too… so he visits Shelby with a drawing her did for Beth (a scary clown-pig, but still…). Puck started the series as a douche (dumping Kurt in dumpsters, slushying everyone, etc…), but his character arc has been amazing. He has since grown to someone who sticks up for Kurt, tries to help Rachel and Quinn with their body/image issues, and now wants to be present in his daughter’s life.

By the end of the episode, Quinn is back to blonde, is in normal people clothes, and has asked to rejoin glee club. Mr. Schue lets her and Puck welcomes her back. Quinn then gets some slightly scary eyes, and then in a completely calm voice, tells Puck that if she has to look like this to get her baby back, she will. She then tells him that they are going to get full custody of Beth. Puck looks kinda worried… I am super interested in seeing where they are taking this plot line this season.

2. Kurt – Kurt has two major plot lines this episode… 1.) running for Senior Class President and 2.) Auditioning for West Side Story

Near the beginning of the episode, Brittany approaches Kurt and asks him if she can help with his campaign. She explains that Kurt is a unicorn – he had a really rough year the previous year, but he didn’t back down, nor did he shy away from who he was. Kurt is taken aback by her words and agrees to let her help with his campaign. At a campaign poster meeting after school, the two have some conflicting thoughts on the posters. Brittany’s posters are pink, glittery, and full of pictures of Kurt, unicorns and rainbows. Kurt’s posters are a bit more old-school Hollywood. Black and white w/Kurt in a suit. Kurt argues that he wants to steer his campaign away from more than him being gay. (This theme will come back a bit later as well…)

Also, Kurt is auditioning for the role of Tony in West Side Story. His audition comprises of him singing “I Am the Greatest Star” while doing some acrobats on some scaffolding, in addition to twirling some swords. The three directors of the musical (Coach Beiste, Artie and Miss Pillsbury) love his audition, but discuss later how he might not be the best choice for Tony because he’s too “delicate.” Kurt overhears this conversation and tries to take matters into his own hands. He drags Rachel onto the stage – both clad in Elizabethan garb – and tells the directors that they will be doing a scene from Romeo & Juliet to prove how he can be Tony. Kurt and Rachel launch into their scene while the directors look on and laugh. Things get even worse when Romeo/Kurt leans in to kiss Juliet/Rachel and she dodges it on purpose. She feels super horrible right away for her action and tries to apologize, but the damage has been done and Kurt storms off.

Later in the episode, Burt and Kurt have a bit of a one-on-one. Kurt tells his dad that he came up with a list of the shows he would get cast in – La Cages Aux Folles, Follies,, Falsettos and Miss Saigon… as Miss Saigon. He is discouraged because he feels he isn’t the leading man type and that he can’t pass for straight. Burt tells his son that he sings like Diana Ross and dresses like he owns a magic chocolate factory. (Burt Hummel is the greatest character in television history, for reals.) Burt then tells his son that he should write the kind of parts that he wants (which is totally a huge nod to Chris Colfer and how he wrote his own screenplay and then starred in it – a very un-Kurt part. Suck it, stereotypes. Chris Colfer can do no wrong.)

Kurt was also having a bit of conflict with his boyfriend this episode. During booty camp dance training, Kurt and Blaine were talking about audition songs and Blaine mentioned that he was torn between singing “Maria” and “Something’s Coming.” Kurt blanched at his choices and Blaine noticed the panic in his boyfriend’s eyes. Kurt remarked how those were Tony songs and asked if Blaine was auditioning for that role. You know that Kurt wants that role, but even he admitted that Blaine would be a perfect fit for Tony. Blaine, not wanting to upset Kurt, said that lead roles are for seniors and that since he’s a junior, he would be fine getting the role of Bernardo or Officer Krupke, so long as it’s opposite Kurt’s Tony.

At the end of the episode, Blaine does audition with “Something’s Coming.” And It. Is. F-ing. Flawless. When his name is first called to come out on stage, Blaine is hesitant. But as soon as the music starts, it’s like a performing light switch went off and he commanded that stage like his life depended on it. (This is the point in the episode where I thought to myself, “Blaine, you’re Darren is showing.” Holy hell, I seriously cannot wait to see him in H2$ after this AMAZING AMAZING performance.) During previous Warblers numbers, Blaine sometimes pantomimes out the lyrics while he sings. This song was no exception… but it worked. The gestures. The earnest evocation of feelings. The ability to convey everything with just a look or a twist of a smile. Throughout the performance, the three directors were completely engrossed in the audition. Beiste even wiped away a tear 🙂 Near the end of the song, we the audience could see Kurt watching Blaine perform. He was smiling and proud of his boyfriend. However, when the audition was over, the directors were confused that Blaine had put on his application that he was trying out for the role of Bernardo even though he sang a Tony song. Artie asked if Blaine would read for Tony. Kurt’s jaw dropped and his face fell. Blaine’s face screwed itself up into an epic fit of conflict. You could tell he wanted to say yes, but even more he wanted to say no because he knows Kurt wants the part. Blaine didn’t give an answer before the screen faded to black, so hopefully this will be resolved at the beginning of the next episode. I have this epic hunch that Kurt is going to be jealous and a bit upset that Blaine is basically perfect for Tony. Blaine is going to tell Kurt that he’s not going to read for Tony. However, Kurt will likely come to his senses and give Blaine his blessings to read for Tony. Blaine is obviously the perfect choice for this part – not just because he can pass as a leading man, but because Blaine is Tony. Have you seen West Side Story? Tony is the reformed gang member… he’s sweet and naive, and he’s completely in love with Maria even though they really barely know each other. He’s conflicted with his past in the gang, and he’s super conflicted when he kills Maria’s brother. Blaine (and what I have assumed in my head are his own personal conflicts about his relationship with his dad, etc…) is the perfect fit for this part. Kurt will realize that (I hope).

Other subplots of this episode belonged to Rachel and Finn. Rachel had a moment with her mom… they talked about how they will have to be in each other’s lives because Shelby is now a teacher at the school. (btw – she is only there b/c Sugar’s dad paid Figgins to make Shelby the teacher for a new glee club in the school… this will come more into play in upcoming episodes… as in, next week’s episode “Asian F“) The two of them sang an AMAZING rendition of “Somewhere.” Goosebumps. So many goosebumps.

Finn wasn’t in the episode much, but his story line will likely come into play more in upcoming episodes as he figures out who he is. Finn now works part time at Burt’s shop. Rachel tells him he should audition for the show because he’s talented. Finn says he doesn’t have time w/football and school. He also says that maybe he doesn’t want what Rachel wants (i.e. to go to musical theater college) and that maybe he’ll work for Burt. I expect Finn’s college/future plans will be a bigger plot point toward the middle/end of the season.

And that’s basically most of the episode. There was some Sue stuff and some minor other glee stuff. But, really, these plot lines were the meat of the episode. Next week, the rival glee clubs at McKinley will come more into play. As always, I look forward to the new episode.


In addition to Glee, I went and saw Moneyball today. Though I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, I LOVE baseball movies. This wasn’t a baseball movie, per se, but more of a movie about baseball. I dug it. It was about baseball and math… as in, forming a team based off of their stats as opposed to their surface skill level.

I have tomorrow off… I expect to apply for some jobs and help my mom bake a cake.

I am super tired now (and have a huge headache), so I’m gonna read a bit and head to bed

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