I’m sitting here on the couch, watching Survivor. One of my dogs is sleeping on the couch next to me… she’s so warm. She’s been hanging around me a lot today for some reason (not that I mind, of course). When I was checking my email earlier in my room, she jumped up onto my bed where I was sitting and curled up on my feet and fell asleep. She just really likes to be around people or our other dog, whereas our other dog is very much a loner. She’s friendly to us and the other dog, but she chooses to spend most of her day sleeping across the room from where ever we happen to be.

(Jesus, this woman needs to stop doing spoken word stuff on Survivor. Nothing against that art form, but she annoys me. And evidently she annoys the other tribe members too… everyone watching the Redemption Island face-off pretty much rolled their eyes.)

I did not get much accomplished today. I had off from work and had full intent on getting a bunch of stuff done… but I didn’t. I helped my mom bake a cake. And by help, I mean sit on the counter, played DJ and licked the mixing spoon while my mom chopped almonds and poured everything into the Kitchen Aid mixer. We played a lot of Yahtzee and ping pong today.

I did do some job hunting. I put a few ads in my JOBS folder on my computer and will organize some Cover Letters for the ones that need them.

I will need to make a couple videos in the next few days… I might have to use a different computer, though, b/c I don’t have video recording capabilities on mine. I got a few emails from The Glee Project saying there is going to be a second season, so I will audition for that again. (I won’t go to the live auditions again, but I don’t mind submitting a tape.) I also got a request from a reality/game show I applied to on a whim to submit an audition tape. So, I’ll need to look over the questions they wanted me to answer and then make a video for that too. I will do all of this over the next few days, probably.

I watched an episode of Mad Men (I only have 3 left of Season 4) and am watching Survivor. I’ll watch Modern Family and Happy Endings too.

But yeah, I didn’t do much today. I just felt a bit off from yesterday. The bulk of the massive headache I had last night is gone, but I still am super tired and a bit headache-y. (My head hurt so bad last night, that I asked my mom if we had anything stronger than Ibuprofen. She looked at me like I was crazy. Since Ibuprofen doesn’t have any pain-relieving impact on me, I just assumed I was missing out on some other awesome over-the-counter pain killer. I guess not…)

Well… I’m gonna finish watching Survivor. I have work the next few days…

Have a good one


So, I rewatched “Silly Love Songs” today and it extra bothers me that Blaine is a junior. I mean, I’ll deal with it because what’s done is done. But, plot-wise, I think it’s stupid that he’s a junior. In Season 2, Kurt was crushing on Blaine and I was okay with it because Blaine was supposed to be the older mentor; protecting Kurt from Karofsky and whatnot. Since we all assumed Blaine was at least a junior last season, at the time, it was endearing seeing Blaine go from the confident out teen he was in “Never Been Kissed” to the embarrassed/disappointed puppy love-believing teen in “Silly Love Songs” to the somewhat educated about sex in “Sexy” to confident about his feelings for Kurt in “Original Songs” to overcoming past homophobic experiences in “Prom” to saying I Love You to Kurt in “New York”. But now, knowing that the whole time he was actually only a sophomore… it makes his over-confidence in “Never Been Kissed” a bit precocious, his GAP performance in “Silly Love Songs” even more inappropriate than we all thought it was anyway, his “I’ll tell you what I know” about sex conversation with Kurt a bit more eyebrow-raising, and his proclamation of love to Kurt a bit more “what do 10th graders *really* know about love?”.

While I am grateful that Blaine being a junior means that Darren Criss will likely be around for the whole of Season 4. I am a bit peeved that we won’t see Blaine and Kurt navigating their senior years together (in every sense of the word).

*shrug* I obviously have way too much time on my hands to think about this/let it bother me that much.

But, I know I’m not the only one